PP 702: How to Get What You Want in Life and Business with Christy Whitman

“You create your own reality… Start with your thoughts–your thoughts are either attracting things to you or repelling things from you based on the way you think.” – Christy Whitman

Achieve unimaginable success in your life and in your career! In this episode, Kim and Christy Whitman share fundamental principles and laws in life that will turn your dreams into a reality. Tune in and find out how to use your inner energy to attract opportunities so you can live the dream and see your business grow. Focus on the blessings, be positive, and always look for the good in everything- that’s how you change your trajectory in life. 


  • 03:07 Create Your Own Reality
  • 16:50 Everything Is Energy
  • 22:11  Being An Empath Is Beautiful
  • 25:35 Law Of Attraction
  • 31:42 Law Of Sufficiency And Abundance
  • 41:29 Shift Your Words In The Abundance Side Of The Spectrum
  • 47:00 Be In Alignment And Create The Momentum
  • 52:36 Get Out Of Contrast


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Inspirational Quotes:

07:51 “You create your own reality… Start with your thoughts–your thoughts are either attracting things to you or repelling things from you based on the way you think.” – Christy Whitman

17:25 “We live in a vibrational universe, and everything is energy.”  – Christy Whitman

22:53 “Being an empath is a beautiful thing. When you’re sensitive to energy, you can be creative in your life.” – Christy Whitman

25:22 “If you’re sensitive to energy, and you get around people and you’re feeling their negativity, it’s going to affect you.” – Christy Whitman

30:05 “It’s a very powerful way of being when you understand that you do create your own reality… It’s a game-changer instead of being a victim to circumstances and relationships.” – Christy Whitman

35:14 “There is no universal truth other than the fact that you will continue to get evidence of lack that will continue to make you feel bad and have a bad perspective.” – Christy Whitman 

35:47 “If you want to change the trajectory of your life and have a different life experience, find the sufficiency of this moment, find out what you do have, let your focus be on all the blessings.” – Christy Whitman

36:03 “Lack always feels bad. Abundance always feels good.” – Christy Whitman

37:43 “My journey shapes me and everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff because there’s a greater purpose to come out of it.” -Kim Sutton

40:29 “Put the best of yourself into everything that you’re doing…. because alignment and momentum is the key to creating whatever it is that you want.” – Christy Whitman

42:02 “If you shift your words to be more on the abundance side of the spectrum and less on the lack side of the spectrum, you’re going to feel better, you’re going to think better, you’re going to perceive differently, and you’re going to take different action.” – Christy Whitman

43:06 “A good option for next time is… not shaming yourself for something that you already did that you can’t go back and redo.” – Christy Whitman

46:23 “When we’re in lack, we can’t find choices and options… Why not be in alignment and then create the momentum.” – Christy Whitman

49:34 “There are a million things that can knock us off in any given moment. Before you even get in your car, intend for what you want your driving experience to be.” – Christy Whitman

56:51 “Being open to the answer to a question provides so many opportunities.” – Kim Sutton

01:03:14 “Everything in the material world is materialistic. But underneath that material or physical manifestation is energy.” – Christy Whitman 

01:07:57 “Think bigger!” – Kim Sutton

01:08:06 “If we open up our view to have what we are divinely designed to have and to thrive to feel good, then the divine in us is going to mirror that as well.” – Christy Whitman

01:15:39 “We are very powerful. As soon as we start to tap in and understand our own power and who we are, we will create deliberately the life that we want to live.” – Christy Whitman

About Christy Whitman:

Christy Whitman is the channel for The Council, spiritual mentors here to spread the message of Quantum Energy Mastery. Christy & The Council teach classes, meditations and provide private sessions to help clients feel more aligned with their Divine Design of well-being, abundance, success, and loving and supportive relationships. For over fifteen years, and before channeling The Council, Christy was a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She also wrote Quantum Success and The Desire Factor. She is the CEO of Quantum Success Coaching Academy.



Kim Sutton: Listener’s, you know that i’ve talked about how books scream at me off the shelf sometimes. It’s only actually happened once or twice before the book that I’m going to talk a little bit about today, Quantum Success by Christy Whitman. But for the last couple of weeks, this book Quantum Success was screaming at me. And in full disclosure, I couldn’t even see it on my shelf. It was tucked away, and I feel bad even admitting it. I know I’ve had it on the shelf for four years, yeah, three to four years, and it was in between a couple other books so I couldn’t even see it. But in my head, I kept on hearing, and I kept on seeing the book cover. I kept on hearing though, read this book, read this book, read this book so we could go. I pulled it off the shelf, and as usually happens when books scream at me, I knew instantly why the book was blowing me away immediately. I am thrilled today to have Christy Whitman, author of Quantum Success here with us. Christy, welcome, I’m thrilled to have you here.

Christy Whitman: Kim, I’m so happy you asked, I love that story.

Kim Sutton: Do you hear that very often?

Christy Whitman: I do. Because every book that I write, it’s not like I go and write the book. It’s all downloaded through me, it’s all channeled so the information is not just information. There’s a lot of energy that’s infused into the book, so it’s amazing that people will say, they literally walked by a bookshelf, like a bookstore, and all of a sudden felt this almost like this energetic arm pull them back and put them right in front of the book. And it was like I could not not buy it.

Kim Sutton: Would you want to hear something really crazy? I mean, of course awesome crazy. I was telling Richard Otay, did you know Otay?

Christy Whitman: No.

Kim Sutton: Okay. He’s a good friend of mine. I think you might have been on one of his podcasts. I was telling him that I just started reading this book. This was on friday, and he’s my best business friend. We talked about five or six days, or five or six times a day and he says: “Are you kidding me? I just started reading that book this morning. I know you didn’t.” I have it right here, you wanted me to take a picture? That’s awesome. Of all things, of all books, it was just so amazing. And we’ve never done that before. That’s awesome.

Christy Whitman: Yeah. That’s true, of all the books in the world.

Kim Sutton: I’m already reading six, and I have about a hundred other books that I could be reading. But this one was just screaming out to me. Christy, you’re a New York Times Bestselling Author and a Master Coach, would you mind sharing a little bit of your journey though as to how you got here with listeners who may not know you?

Christy Whitman: Absolutely. I’ve been, I like to say consciously on my spiritual path for 25 years now. I got there because I had graduated college. I moved to Chicago from Arizona with my best friend, and I was kind of checking the boxes of everything that I was supposed to do in order to have a happy life. Got a degree, I got a nice high paying job, I had money in the bank, I was living with my best friend in one of the greatest cities. I mean, my job was literally, I was a wine representative so I would go from bars, restaurants and hotels meeting the food and beverage managers to the owners of the restaurants, eating on the company’s dime, trying to meet these managers. So I was eating and drinking my way through Chicago. Just having a blast in a really great city. And when it was me and my quiet moments where I wasn’t accomplishing something, or doing a deal, or any of those kinds of things, I actually felt depressed. I felt really unfulfilled. And many times, I would find myself saying: “Is this it? Is this all there is? Am I supposed to just accomplish stuff and collect money? Is this all what it’s all about?” 

I really started looking for a way back to a deeper connection to myself. And I even went back to remember Chicago has beautiful churches. And I remember thinking, well, maybe I’ll go my initial raising. I was raised as a kid as a catholic, so I thought maybe I’ll go to this catholic church. And I was sitting there in the service and I was feeling even more depressed because I’m like, if I can’t find it here, where am I going to find it? And all the things that just led up to this moment were so perfect. Because what happened was, around that time, I was also dating a guy that lives in California, in Northern California, and he was with the same company as me. We’d met at a company meeting. He’s like, why don’t you just get a lateral move and move here because we were doing this long distance thing. So I did. And in a matter of a month of moving, taking a lateral move with my company and moving to Northern California, I found out that he was cheating on me, and he wasn’t the guy I thought he was. Yeah, but he was the last, I’m proud of this. He was the last bad guy I ever dated, because I always attracted the bad guys that were either very addicted to drugs, or alcohol, or they weren’t good for me. But it wasn’t good for me. I didn’t have enough self love. 

And the thing that shifted when I moved to Northern California is I needed to get my hair cut. So the one person that he introduced me to before we broke up, she happened to be a hairdresser. I went in and saw Janine, and she was just so different than anybody I had ever met. She’s colored my hair, cutting my hair. So I have a lot of time with her. And I just keep observing her and going, she’s so different. What is it about her? I am finally being as blunt as I am. I said to her, I go: “Okay, what do you do?” And she just started laughing. She goes: “I meditate.” Now, Kim, this is 25 years ago. So I had no frame of reference for meditation. There wasn’t like calm commercials on TV, apps and all this. We barely had the internet going in at that time. So when she said, meditate, I’m thinking of like some kind of Guru and like a white robe with a long beard sitting on top of a mountain in a yogi style oming. Because that’s what I had as a frame of reference for those types of people that did meditation. It wasn’t a hairdresser that lived in San Ramon, California. So that just completely shifted my paradigm. And she goes: “Well, I’ll introduce you to my teacher. She’s like a psychic medium, and she also teaches meditation.” So I thought, perfect. I’m like dialing her phone number as I’m leaving the salon. And within a week, I found my–

Kim Sutton: You weren’t doing it with the foil in your hair. I would have been trying not to get the dye on my phone. Like, I need to meet with you now.

Christy Whitman: Now, back then, the phones were really big.

Kim Sutton: Like the suitcase phones. Yeah.

Christy Whitman: Yeah. It would have been a little cumbersome to do that. But anyway, I found myself at Melanie’s house. And within a week, with less than a week, I walk in and she’s got clinky, clinky new age music going on. And lots of candles and statues of angels, and incense burning. And again, this is not my scene. I’m like, what in the heck am I doing here? So we sit down, of course, on a cushion on the floor, not on a chair. And the first thing she said to me, she looked me dead in the eyes and she said: “You create your own reality.” And just something was like, something cracked open in me. I was like, Yes. And for the first time, I felt that awakening, and I just leaned in. I was like, oh, oh, my gosh. I had to just kind of catch my breath with that. Now, again, people hear this all the time and don’t get it at that deep level because there’s internet and there’s the secret. Lots of different people that are doing podcasts, and there’s a lot that people can hear now. It’s almost like everything is energy. We hear that a lot, but it almost goes on deaf ears. And people don’t understand the meaning and understand how to apply that. That really is the key. 

So I’m sitting there, completely just cracked open. And then my mind kicked in and I went: “Well, how do I create my own reality?” She said: “Well, you start with your thoughts. Your thoughts are either attracting things to you or repelling things from you based on the way you think.” And I went: “The way I think?” I mean, I knew I could change my mind. Like, I don’t want to go here. I want to go there. I don’t want to wear this. I want to wear that. But to change my thoughts, that was the first time, I mean, think of anybody in personal development, that moment of awareness of, wait a minute. I don’t have to let these negative thoughts continue to go round and round. I can actually choose a different thought, whoa. I mean, that moment was like everything. And so she gave me an assignment. She goes: “I want you to go home for the rest of the week, and I want you to just pay attention to your thoughts.” And Kim, I could not believe how negative I was. What came out of my mouth, because I even called my girlfriend who I’ve known since 7th grade. I’m like: “Dawn, I am so negative.” And she’s like: “You are one of the most positive people I know.” And like, well, there’s something that happens from my head to my mouth clearly. Because inside of my head, I am criticizing myself, constantly criticizing others condemning God. It’s like criticism and judgment. I mean, I’m just mean inside of myself to myself. No wonder I don’t feel good. So I started changing that, and then I became such a student. It was like, I wanted to consume everything I could about energy, mindset, thoughts, universal laws and all this stuff. 

So long story short, I was about five years in, had completely changed, like completely up level by life, by learning about the seven essential laws and applying them. And I remember just one night, I was meditating because I had developed that as part of my daily practice. I was meditating, and all of a sudden, I saw a cover of a book and said, perfect pictures by Christy Whitman. And I thought, well, that’s an interesting visualization. I went to bed at 1:05 in the morning, I was woken up with this voice that was like talking in my ear and I couldn’t stop it. And when I stopped to pay attention to what the thoughts were saying, what that voice was telling me, it was like giving me the first sentence. And the first paragraph and the first chapter of a book, I didn’t realize at that time, but it was like talking and telling me things. So I got up, I took pen to paper, and just my hands started freely writing. I didn’t even know, I couldn’t even keep up with reading as fast as I was writing. So I just let my hand go, and I stopped it. When it once it stopped, I should say, I went back to sleep. I didn’t even read what I wrote. Went back to sleep. Next morning, I woke up. I read what I wrote. And I was amazed because it was exactly what I needed to be hearing at the time.

Kim Sutton: Wow.

Christy Whitman: And so this happened seven nights in a row. I just saw a new Thought Teacher, author named Terry Cole-Whittaker. She’s one of the founders of New Age Thought. She kind of came up with Louise Hay around that time when they learned their ministry training and things. So I had reached out to Terry Cole-Whittaker and I said: “How do you get a book published, because I think I’m writing a book.” So she said: “Go online and find a literary agent.” So I literally did that. And he was like, the beginning of the web and researching that. So I put in a literary agent, and this guy’s face popped up, he happened to be a publisher and a literature agent. I didn’t know what I was doing. He accepted my manuscript. I got a book in my hand, my mom, my dad, family and friends who were not, let’s just say this was not the right audience for this book, about energy and universal laws. I’ve lost my mind. So after they bought it, and Oprah wasn’t calling. So I started going, speaking in spiritual bookstores and churches, and people started asking me to coach them. And again, 20 years ago, no frame of reference for what a coach was other than a football coach or cheerleading coach. So people started asking me to walk them through the processes that. I knew to shift energy, shift thoughts so I did. And then they would come back to me going, Oh, my God, I met him. Or oh, my God, I got the job. Having all these incredible experiences. So long, long story short, I just continued to follow that path until I went full time into my coaching business about 15 years ago, and haven’t looked back.

Kim Sutton: Wow. Okay, well, I went to school in Chicago. I’m in Ohio now, but I was born and raised in Western New York. Not New York, New York, Buffalo Rochester area. I was also raised Catholic. But going back to Chicago, I went to college there. And the second you said Chicago, I got hungry. And then you started talking about how you drink your way through the city. And all I could see was Greek Town, my favorite Thai restaurant. But it’s so fascinating to me. So I was raised Catholic, I went to Chicago, I didn’t spend nearly enough time on Belmont. I lived in Lakeview for a little bit, loved it. Then I moved to New York City to work there. And then out to Ohio after my ex husband and I had our first child. And it’s amazing to me that I didn’t know about the law of attraction until I got to Ohio. 

Being in the middle of the earth, right at the top of the Bible Belt, of all places to learn about the law of attraction and learn how to start shifting my thoughts and realize that thoughts create things to have it happen here was most amazing. And it was from my chiropractor of all people.My family to this day doesn’t really understand. Why are you so positive? Why do you look for the good in everything? And I’ve actually had criticism. I won’t name him, done it. But because I left the church when I left home, but I refound God as an adult. And so I pushed what was that in a very different way, in a very different way. So I say that I’m Christian with Wu,. I’ve gotten opposition from both sides. But from family, they think that I’ve gotten comments about how as a Christian person, is not right, how I think. How can you think that? How can you be so negative and not look for the positive in any situation? That’s great thing is that God creates things. Think positively, don’t look for the worst or else you’re going to get more bad. And it’s been really hard. I’ve learned that sometimes, I have to disconnect. And I hate using that word because it’s used in some religions, quote religions that I don’t particularly care for the structure of. But I’ve had to disconnect just to stay in alignment with myself. 

But I want to share with you that what I’m introduced to the law of attraction by the chiropractor, I came home, and it was before Facebook. Okay? Oh, I guess not before Facebook, it was 2009. I wasn’t part of the party yet so I looked on all these Yahoo boards. And all these people were saying, I want to win the lottery, I want to win the lottery. My first thought was, I don’t care about winning the lottery. I just want to work for someone who did. I was an interior designer. Know Jo Christy within a month, the chiropractor called me. He had lunch with his financial planner. And within those two months prior to that lunch in a town north of me, very small town, a group of city workers had won the mega millions. And one of them was looking for an interior designer, I love it. But I had until this year, I had heard of the other six laws. Or I had heard of the seven laws, but I had never really started investigating. And coincidentally, yours and another book both popped off the shelf. So I’m reading them simultaneously. As I said, I read multiple books at a time, but it’s so interesting to walk through. Would you mind sharing for people who don’t know what the seven laws are? I mean, I don’t mean to go into a lot of detail. But yeah, so many as you think would be helpful.

Christy Whitman: Yeah. I’ll give like a general just to kind of start the topic of that. And then kind of mentioned what they are. The one that I think is the key, because most people, if they do hear about the universal laws, they talk about the law of attraction. And it’s really not the law of attraction that is the most important in the sense that we are the ones that have to, well, when I start the general conversation, I’ll get into it a little bit more. So we have to understand that everything, we live in a vibrational Universe, and everything is energy. We know this from modern science, we know this from quantum physics. You crack open an atom and there’s energy in there. Whether something’s a book, or a table, or a human being, or just the air between your nose and the computer, everything is energy. Some energy has manifested in a physical form, other energy has non man. If it’s not invested, it’s still in its raw form of just energy. Could be from your head to the top of your ceiling, that’s unmanifested energy. 

So when we understand that, yes, we are physical human beings, but we are also energy. We need to bring in energy into our physical body. Energy is life. What is life? It’s our divine, it’s breathing us. When you think about it, we don’t have to beat our own heart is beating for us. Energy, life is doing that. We are not thinking about breathing. We’ve been breathing the whole time. You and I have not said one thing about breathing, and you and I both have been breathing the entire time. We didn’t have to do it, we don’t have to think about it. Our divine life partner, our energy, our life has been breathing us, and digesting our food, and growing our nails, and our hair, all of that stuff. So when we understand that we are both, and we are physical, and we are energy, and that we have 10 trillion, we can’t even wrap our minds around how much that is. But 10 trillions of cells that all have receptor sites on them, that need to be filled on a consistent basis with energy. When we are the ones deliberately choosing the energy, say such as joy, like today, I’m choosing the energy of joy. You let yourself be filled up with this energy of joy as like a receiving station for this energy to come into your body, then we are literally tapped up in our cells resonating with the joy instead of being depleted, and ourselves wanting to find energies, why a lot of times people are so depleted, and I don’t care for this term, but I’m going to use it because it seems to be widely acceptable. 

But when you go around someone and they’re just so depleted, it’s like people have termed it, be an energy vampire. So like you’re with someone and they’re just like sucking the life out of you. Well, these are people that do not have themselves filled up with their own energy, they’re looking for another source besides themselves to bring in energy. So you’re around them and like you could feel the lifeforce beings sucked out of you, that’s they’re trying to get energy, their body is depleted with energy so they’re trying to get it from you.

Kim Sutton: I feel Harry Potter right there.

Christy Whitman: If all of us could literally understand that we are energy receivers, we have to have to be, we are. If we choose deliberately, the energy that we want to bring in, we are energy receivers, we are energy containers. We must contain the energy instead of just bringing in and giving it away. So energy receivers, energy containers, and then we are also energy transmitters. We transmit energy out by what we say, what we think, what we believe, expect, perceive, that’s another big one. What we feel or don’t many times, and the actions that we take. So those are the ways that we transmit energy out. When we do a law of attraction that brings us vibrationally matching, all the people, situations, circumstances, events, anything that’s on that vibrational scale. So someone is bringing in a high vibration, they’re holding and containing a high vibration, they’re saying thoughts, saying words, thinking thoughts, perceiving things in a positive way, feeling good about life, taking action from that place, law of attraction is going to mirror back in that state of being and bring them more things that pleases them as best as I could say. If someone says that energy person, energy sucker, they’re not being filled up from their own source, they’re trying to look for other people. It could be their kids, it could be their husband or wife, their co-workers, they’re trying to bring in energy from another source, that energy isn’t necessarily high or positive. It could just be energy, it could be worry energy, picking up energy from other people, they’re containing this worry energy they get along the same vibrational lines, continuing to say things that are worry thoughts, you’re worry words, worried thoughts, perceiving in a place of I don’t have enough, they don’t feel good, now they’re going to continue to create more of the same.

Kim Sutton: Oh, my gosh. I am so sorry to interrupt, but I’m not sorry at the same time.

Christy Whitman: I’m sorry, not sorry.

Kim Sutton: Yeah. My childhood nickname was worrywart. That’s just what my parents gave me. And at the end of 2019, I ditched it.

Christy Whitman: Nice.

Kim Sutton: Consciously, I ditched it. But up until that point, and I started my business in 2012. Up until that point, I would say that 75 to 95% of my clients were scarcity minded people.

Christy Whitman: Yep.

Kim Sutton: And also in the communities that I was associating with, and I would love to get your opinion on this. There was a lot of talk about being empathetic. Is that an excuse? If somebody says that they’re an empath, is that an excuse, or is that a real thing?

Christy Whitman: It’s both actually. So being an empath is actually a really beautiful thing. I’m an empath. Being an empath means you’re sensitive to energy. When you’re sensitive to energy, you can be really creative in your life because you understand what energy you’re bringing out, what energy is around. You can really learn how to play with energy and directed towards what you’re wanting to create. It’s really beautiful, a lot of channelers and healers are empaths because they have that sensitivity to the other realms. So it’s a beautiful thing. Yes, it is a thing. But when someone says, like a healer, or a child, or someone that’s very sensitive, they don’t know how to properly work with that skill or with that gift, then they’ll use it as an excuse, I just can’t. They’ll isolate themselves. I can’t be around other people, I’m too sensitive. So then it becomes a way for them to not have to go to functions and not have to engage in life. I could see it with a lot of people. So I’m an empath, I just pick up on everybody else’s feelings. But the council who I channel said that the biggest fix for empath is to understand exactly what we’re talking about. 

When you are filled up, if you imagine you’ve got all these cups, like plastic cups. If those plastic cups are filled to the absolute rim and you try to put more content in those cups, it’s gonna spill over. They’re full. So when you are coming from a place, when you wake up in the morning and you let yourself be filled with the light of your choosing, it could be, today, I want to feel freedom and you’re just letting every part of your body, every organ, every muscle, every tissue, every single cell in your body is filled up with that energy of freedom, and then you’re going about your day and you’re continually filling yourself up with that feeling of freedom, when you’re getting around other people that feel like they’re in luck or they’re worried, you’re filled up, your cups are filled up. So you can’t put anything else in those cups. You’re filled up, you’re coming from a place of being the influencer of higher energy because you’re exuding this energy of joy, or freedom, or abundance, whatever it is you chose for the day instead of being depleted yourself. And then coming around other people that are in worry mode or fear mode, because if you’re an empath, if you’re sensitive to energy, this has been the biggest change in my life. If you’re sensitive to energy and you get around people that are not so conscious, or understanding, or loving, or patient, or kind, or any of those things, and you’re feeling their negativity, oh, yeah, it’s gonna affect you.

Kim Sutton: You did explain so much. During those years, 2012 to 2019, I would go to sleep stressed, I would wake up stressed, I wouldn’t take any time on me. In the morning, I would jump right to text messages, emails, dealing with other people’s stresses and emergencies. So therefore, I would live my whole day stressed. And it stressed me physically, mentally, emotionally, and my marriage with my husband, and financially to the point that by the end of 2019, we are in a state of foreclosure and we are talking about divorce. But at the end of 2019 when I ditched the worrywart nickname and decided I wasn’t going to worry anymore, everything started shifting. I can’t even say it started shifting, it did shift. And it’s been amazing. Our marriage has never been better. We were out of foreclosure within what felt like a snap. 

And despite 2020 being a tumultuous year, I didn’t feel, for the first time I want to say that, for some, a tumultuous year. For some, I didn’t feel like it was a negative year at all. I felt like some things were inconvenient, like finding a mask in a laundry pile again. That’s about it. And having my kids at home when I had things that I wanted to do with a camera, but I also found ways to incorporate them in so I was able to shift it sometimes. And at the same time, I also found ways to shift my own life and stop being, it gave me an even bigger dose of don’t be stressed. This is working out how it’s supposed to. I want to back up just for one more moment, just to share a little bit more with you, and also for any listeners who haven’t heard it. The day my chiropractor introduced me to the law of attraction, I was still married to my ex who was emotionally controlling and mentally abusive. He came home, as I’ve shared with you in the pre show, and also have shared with listeners in the past. I don’t cook, I burn. Okay. So on this particular day, he came home from work and started criticizing my cooking right away. But because I had just spent maybe four hours in all these different forums and getting enlightened, and I really feel that that’s the best word I can use. I turned around and looked at him and said: “You no longer have the power to make me feel unhappy.” And I just remember his eyes getting really wide. Like, oh, oh, oh, yeah. It took about another year and a half for me to get my own stuff together. 

I’d lost my job as an interior architect when the recession hit. I was designing schools around Ohio. But there came a point when I was watching the bucket list and I decided, I already had all the balls rolling to leave and I decided that if I’m ever going to be with another person again, I got to make a list. And it was inspired by the bucket list. I made a soulmate spec sheet, and it was 57 items long. Three weeks later, I was on Craigslist looking for furniture from my apartment that I was planning on moving into. And listener, if you’re new to this show, I’m very transparent. Please don’t judge. And Christy, for you, I hadn’t left my ex yet but I was on Craigslist looking for furniture, got frustrated and saw this little link that said, men looking for women. I went in there to laugh at men and their cheesy BIOS. The second posting I saw, I am now married to that man. Right there in his bio, he went through many of the 57 items on my list.

Christy Whitman:  That’s awesome.

Kim Sutton: But I told him at that point, I said: “If you’re still single in six months or a year, please repost again.” That’s not quite how it worked out. We met two days later, the rest is history. But I feel and I know that I attracted him to me by putting the energy out there. This is what I want, I’m not going to expect less. And therefore, I got it.

Christy Whitman: That’s how it works when we become the conscious creator, when we are the person that decides, we’re working with what the divine in us wants. I mean, it’s a very powerful way of being when you understand that you do create your own reality, and that you literally are the one responsible for what you create based on what you put out. I mean, it’s a game changer instead of being a victim circumstances, and the victim to relationships, and the victim to the way things are and all that stuff that it’s out of our control, or that you don’t have the power to fix it or change, it becomes a very different way of life. That’s what happened to me.

Kim Sutton: For entrepreneurs, let’s just say entrepreneurs who are trying to cross the 6-Figure mark, what are some of the biggest energy blunders for luck or a better way of saying it, that you see them making.

Christy Whitman: I say for anybody that’s not getting what they want in their life. How’s that? Anybody that’s not experiencing ultimate, here’s the thing, this is one of the teachings that I bring through with the council is that we are divinely designed for our health and well being, our bodies are designed that way. We’re divinely designed for abundance, for success, and loving, and supportive relationships. So if any of your part of your life is not in alignment with your original blueprint, original divine design, then we have the power to change it. And the thing to understand is that there’s a universal law, that’s the one that I really want to talk about today is the law of sufficiency and abundance. Because any part of us that feels separated, drama, chaos, struggle, luck scarcity, any of that, that’s not of our original nature, it’s not of our divine design. 

And if you look at it as a spectrum, say on one side of the spectrum is luck,and the other side of the spectrum is abundance, the side of the spectrum that has luck on it, that’s where all the negative feelings come up. Fear, doubt, worry, disbelief, frustration, sadness, all of those. Because all of that is an indication that you’re not in alignment with your divine design of abundance. And it just feels bad to a human being that has the divine breathing us. When we are in our perspective, we’re speaking words, we’re thinking thoughts, we’re believing, we’re feeling any of those emotions, we’re in luck so we are separated from our divine. And even though I’m talking about divine and you’re talking about business, it’s very much going hand in hand because you can’t compartmentalize the divine. And it’s funny, you wanted to say something before because you were talking about how some Christians that kind of judge you for being woo-woo. It’s like, I don’t know of a better master on the planet than Jesus Christ that talked about the law of attraction.

Kim Sutton: I got goosebumps when you said that because I completely agree. Yeah.

Christy Whitman: I mean, he literally was speaking, he didn’t say this is the law of attraction. But he said that the size of a mustard seed, your faith of a mustard seed that moves mountains. I mean, he’s the one that said, it’s like do unto others as you would have done unto you. I mean, he’s the one that was like teaching all of this. He was teaching that what you give out comes back. I mean, he turned water into wine. He was the one that healed the lepers. I mean, he did this because he did not see in luck. He did not believe in luck. He only believed in the divine design of each and every one of us, not just him. He was trying to teach. He didn’t want everybody to worship HIM. He wanted to teach that HE, you could do what I do too. We all have this ability. We’re all a child of God. So all of it, none of it compartmentalised. So when you’re thinking about being an entrepreneur, or creating a better relationship, or making more money, or getting better health in your body. If your perspective, if the words that you’re saying, if thoughts that you’re thinking, if the perspective that you’re holding, if the emotions that you’re feeling, the actions that you’re taking are based in luck. There is no universal truth other than the fact that you will continue to get evidence of luck that will continue to make you feel bad and have a bad perspective. But on the other hand, abundance always feels good.

Kim Sutton: Yeah.

Christy Whitman: I can hear your audience now. But it’s true. I don’t have any money, and I’m worried. What am I supposed to do? How could I be pollyanna? How can I think in abundance when I’m in luck? Well, it’s the old thinking of luck that got you there. It’s your old programming. It’s your old thinking. It’s your old imprints that got you there. So if you want to change the trajectory of your life, and you want to have a different life experience, and five minutes from now, five days from now, five years from now or beyond, you cannot continue to save the things, think those things and focus on the things that you’re focused on. You need to get back in alignment. Luck always feels bad. Abundance always feels good. And there’s a tipping point in the middle, which is satisfaction. So the answer that question of, well, what am I supposed to do? Find what you can be satisfied with right now. Because satisfaction, it’s a law of sufficiency and abundance. Find the sufficiency of this moment, find out what you do have let your focus be on all the blessings you were mentioning about COVID, went locked down, all that stuff. 

Kim, for me, 2020 was a great year because I chose to not let it not be. I chose to focus on all the positive aspects like you were doing as well. Yes, my heart goes out to a lot of people that lost their lives. My heart goes out to a lot of people that had financial problems and all the people that are out there, but this is a great awakening. This is tough, there’s a lot of people that lost their relationships, there’s a lot of people that felt lonely. But as the counsel told me in the very beginning of 2020, this year is an amplifier. It’s a year, literally 2020, to see through the lens of open eyes, clear eyes and to look at what’s not working. And most, some people are gonna stay stuck in their old way of thinking, but a lot of people are going to be waking up. Because it’s pain, it’s suffering, that does wake people up. It’s discomfort. So when they have enough of it, they go, alright, what’s an alternative? I can’t do this anymore. I can’t think in the same way. That’s what happened to me 25 years ago. Yeah, that’s what happened to you when your chiropractor said that to you.

Kim Sutton: Yep. And again, at the end of 2018, when I’ve totally begun to understand how my journey shapes me, and everything happens for a reason. Even the bad stuff, because there’s a greater purpose to come out of it. And yes, I might be attracting it to me with negative thoughts at the time, but I’m taking a positive spin on them after the fact. At the end of 2019, I let a client I had been working with for three years ago. And with that client, when all of my income, and I’ve already shared earlier in this episode that I let the worry go to. The clients that I got in 2020 paid three to four times as much as any one project would that former client would have paid.

Christy Whitman: Yeah.

Kim Sutton: And I was attracting the right kind of clients. I want to just refer to one thing for any Christians who are listening and just like, I want you to think about Matthew 25, parable of the talents. I only know that I’m not a bible thumper, it’s just I happen to refer to it two days ago. The gentleman, or the farmer, or the servant who was given one bag, or one talent buried in the ground because he was afraid of losing it. And often, when we’re in a place of scarcity or luck, we go hide in bed because we’re just scared, and afraid, and depressed, and anxious. We feel like we can’t face it. But when you take it out and share it with the world, you’re attracting that positive energy. And then that one talent can turn into five. But the people who had three or five talents, they went out and they invested, and they didn’t bigger, better things and they got more bad. So it’s right there in the Bible, and I’m preaching.

Christy Whitman: Yeah. It’s funny when people do either one of two things when they’re in luck. They either just go run and hide. It’s that fight or flight kind of thing that we do as human beings. So if someone feels threatened, if they feel that there’s competition, if they feel like they’re not good enough, they want to go and do more. They do more action and they’re creating more overwhelm, and they do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do. Trying to compensate, trying to work harder, and it’s a very old paradigm of what we used to see. Our grandparents and parents do that if you want something you have to go out and work even harder than you’re doing. But there’s only so much time and energy in the day, and that hit only gets you so far. And what I was speaking about in the book, Quantum Success that you were referring to Kim is that it’s not just hard work. And a lot of times, it’s not even the conversation of hard work. It’s the conversation of putting the best of yourself into everything that you’re doing the fullness of yourself while you’re in alignment. Because alignment and momentum is really the key to creating whatever it is that you want. You might have people that feel, what’s the point? Let me go get back in bed and put the covers over my head. And they don’t want to try, my sister was like that. And yet, I was the exact opposite of my sister. I was like, no, go fight, go do more, go, go, go, go go. And either one of those does not have an empowering place because I’m now, I was back in the day using action to push my way through the luck. Which again, you can’t push your way through the luck, you’ll just continue to create more of the luck whatever action you’re taking. So the best cause is to understand that if you are energy, and you are where your energy is aligned, or misaligned, is it in the words that you’re saying? Are you saying words? I created a program called Watch Your Words, you could actually go there if you want, WatchYourWords.com.

Kim Sutton: Do you tell people to stop shitting on themselves?

Christy Whitman: Yes. That’s one of them. So yeah, I used to get people all the time asking me: “Oh, how do we start with this esoteric kind of universal law stuff?” And I said: “You gotta watch your words.” I mean, words, we go back to the Bible. It says in the Bible, in the beginning, there was the word. Everything starts with a word. A series of thoughts, his words. And thoughts thought over and over again, become beliefs. So everything starts with the word. If you shift your words to be more on the abundance side of the spectrum and less on the luck side of the spectrum, then you’re going to feel better, you’re going to think better, you’re going to perceive differently, you’re going to take different actions. But most people don’t realize the power that that has. 

So I created WatchYourWords.com, you can go there, it’s a free 30 day video program. The videos are like two to four minutes in length, but it tells you what not to say, why, and then what to say instead. So for example, you just brought up SHOULD. I used to, and I still do. My mom is almost 85 years old, she will use should five times in a sentence. I mean, she was the biggest shoulder ever, is the biggest shoulder ever. So of course, I started doing that to myself too. Well, when we SHOULD honor ourselves. And what we mean by that was we really should have done that. You should have done that. You’re beating yourself up for something that you cannot go back and change. So you’re holding yourself in a place of not feeling good, beating yourself up instead of saying, you know? Next time, I’m going to do this, this and this. You know what’s a good option for next time, I’m going to do this, that and that. Now, you’re not shaming yourself for something that you already did that you can’t go back and redo. And the same is true for should. You should do this. Well, now SHOULD is very much language that comes from luck. It comes from the drama triangle, it comes from roles and rules, that there’s no way for Kim or Christy to show up as they are, to come up with different options, different choices, with creative ideas. It’s like you should. This is what you should do in order to take care of your mom. That’s what you should do in order to, you should call your mom every day. Nobody feels good when they’re being should and on.

Kim Sutton: No.

Christy Whitman: Including ourselves. So conversations like, Oh, I should call my mom. Well, I feel like calling my mom right now?

Kim Sutton: Sometimes, it takes a lot of energy. Sorry, Mom, I love you.

Christy Whitman: I do too. Mom, and my mom will never listen to this because she doesn’t go ever go on the internet. I could say to myself, well, you should call your mom. And it’s like, okay. And then now, my energy has already dipped because it’s like it’s something I should do. It’s not a choice. It’s not a decision from a place of empowerment or freedom. Hi, mom. And now she’s in it. Like she’s got a wobble or she’s got some booboo or something that she’s got to. Well today, she got to tell me about the latest drama in the day. It’s never like, Oh, we had such a good morning. It’s never like that. It’s always very negative.

Kim Sutton: Somebody went through the express checkout lane with 56 items.

Christy Whitman: I don’t know about that. But my mom and dad are just not the most uplifting people. I love them dearly, but they just, yeah, so that’s what I get to look at my parents and go, wow, that was my early training. Okay. So if any of that’s lighting me up, I guess there’s still stuff for me that I need to let go of. So it becomes like, now, I feel drained. And then now, I’m upset with myself because I called her and I didn’t feel like it, I wasn’t up to it. Now, the conversation within myself is, oh, you should call your mom. And I’m like, no, I don’t have to shit it. I’m not shitting on myself. Do I want to call my mom? Not really. You know what i’ll do instead? I’m just going to text my dad and say, hey dad, just checking in. Oh, that feels so much better. And then he’ll say, we’re good over here. Then maybe I’ll call it tomorrow, or maybe my husband will call them. So it’s like there’s lots of options if I’m not in the place of feeling like I want to call my mom because it’s not a should, it’s something I’m never gonna call her again.

Kim Sutton: I love that you brought this up. We’ve started sending videos and it goes along with the [inaudible]. Being in communication, letting them know that they’re loved in a way that feels good to us. And oh, my gosh, my mom will come back months after I sent a video of the kids doing something. I just rewatched that video and it warms my heart to know that it warmed her heart, and at the same time, it didn’t deplete my energy, a conversation.

Christy Whitman: Lots of choices, lots of options. But when we’re in luck, we can’t find choices and options, we just have [inaudible] tries, miss, all these words and phrases that pull our energy down, can’t. And it’s important to understand that if everything is vibration, everything is energy and it is, and we are energy receivers, and we’re energy containers, and we’re energy transmitters. If we’re transmitting the first signal out to the universe and it’s in luck, then everything else is going to follow that momentum. Because that momentum just gets created, so why not be in alignment and then create the momentum.

Kim Sutton: For years, I drove this big beater, what we call man van, conversion van. This thing was slow to accelerate at stop lights, and I would often get honked at and the middle finger shown. And around my children, I couldn’t do the same back because they would pick it up. So I started showing the other drivers that I love you sign, sign language sign, and the faces of surprise would start to make me laugh, and then I wouldn’t be so frustrated by the horns honking and getting the bird flipped at me. I won’t go so far as to say that I would go slow on purpose because I definitely wouldn’t. I like to get where I’m going. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like that in conversation. But I found that just by making that simple energy shift even in the car, just show them that I love you sign instead of flipping them the bird or blasting on my horn.

Christy Whitman: I’m so glad you brought that up because there are things in our lives, I don’t care if it’s going over to our in laws house, or going to watch a soccer game, or a volleyball game of our kids, or getting in traffic, or going into an office, whatever it is, all of us have some area. I even have mine. I’ve been doing this work for 25 years. And when I get to that sideline of a soccer game when my kids are playing, I become a total, I am not a zen master. I am competitive and yelling . So that is my opportunity before I sit my chair down, before I put my butt in that chair. While I’m doing that, to sit down, and to ground myself, and to remind myself that this is about them, it’s not about me. This is about him having fun, and I just get to allow myself to feel like what do I want to take away from this. I want to take fun with my friend who’s one of the other mothers on the team, giggling with her. I want to support my son. I want to be positive, I don’t want to let those other parents annoy me. I want to allow myself to be in a space of love and light. And when I do that, it makes a world of a difference from when I don’t do that. Like you were saying, when people get in traffic, yes, there are people that don’t know how to drive, and there are people that drive way too fast, and people that drive way too slow, and there are people that don’t do turn signals, all people that run red lights, and all the things right. 

So there are a million things that can knock us off in any given moment from point A to point B while we’re driving. But before you even get in your car, before you push the ignition or turn on the key, however you start your car, ask yourself, what do I want? What do I want this segment of my time getting from point A to point B? It could be a five minute drive to the grocery store, it doesn’t matter. How do I want to feel? What do I want to appreciate? What do I want to experience? And I will guarantee you, as you are focused on love my car, love the radio in my car, I love this song, you’re vibing a very different vibe. And it’s amazing how you will have courteous, kind, respectful drivers around you. You will have literally open roads. You get to intend what it is that you want. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that, and have a really pleasant drive from point A to point B. And that could be in a two hour drive, where it was supposed to be traffic in the middle of rush hour where I would see cars in front of me, cars behind me, but I literally would have the whole road to myself. The drivers that I would come in contact would be courteous, and respectful, and kind of do the arm signal go in, go in. And it amazes me how this happens. Being on the road now is not my place where it used to be. I used to be a road ranger when I lived in Chicago, right before I learned all this stuff at honkin, do the finger, yell at people and all that stuff. I don’t have those driving experiences anymore because I intend for what I want my driving experience to be. And that’s what I’m now, really taking ownership and responsibility for as I am an observer of my son’s playing soccer, how I want to be on the sidelines? Who I want to be? How do I want to act? What I want to experience? What I want to take away? And it makes a world of difference.

Kim Sutton: I think there’s a market for meditation for competitive soccer parents. I have a kid and you 16. And the words that fly out of some parents mouth, holy cow.

Christy Whitman: I was telling my girlfriend next to me on Saturday, I’m like, we should do a soccer moms reality show.

Kim Sutton: I can be in if you ever need the Ohio representation. Oh, my goodness. But my son, this is a quick detour folks. My son went to Tennessee, we’re in Ohio. He went to Tennessee for a tournament about a month ago. Yes, in the middle of January. I guess during one whole game, the mother on the opposite team was heckling him about his hair.

Christy Whitman: What?

Kim Sutton: Well, he’s got sort of like the long sweeping bangs and the short sides, but the whole game, just heckling him about his hair. But afterwards, another mom came up and apologized to him. Said: “We’re not all like that. We’re sorry for how she treated you.” Okay, one more quick detour along that. I find myself right now getting my energy muted when I sit at home for too long. Yet, I wasn’t going to talk about this ever on the podcast. I love getting out of the house just driving around with my thoughts. But when I go outside of the house, sometimes I feel unproductive because I’m not doing business building activities. But I understand that we need to give ourselves a break. Well, last week, one of my niece’s was telling me about how she and her husband are doing doordash. I was like, hmm, I can get out of the house, make some people’s day better with food and just do it. And it’s not replacing my business income at all. But I find the best ideas while driving away, or driving around. So I’ve been door-dashing the last day.

Christy Whitman: Oh, that’s awesome.

Kim Sutton: I’ve had amazing conversations with customers who have called to say, Hey, doordash gave you the wrong navigation. They do it all the time. I had this amazing conversation with this guy last night, he said he had a conversion van parked in his driveway and I joked, I was like, I do too. He’s like, Kim, where do you get it serviced? So we had a five minute conversation while I’m driving to his house with his Chick-fil-A about where he should go to get his car serviced. He had already tipped me. When I get to his house though, he’s like, can you break a 20? I want to give you a bigger tip. It’s the energy that you put out.

Christy Whitman: For sure.

Kim Sutton: But then I’m having more ideas. I’m writing my first book right now, and I want to segue this back to your book that’s about to come out. But I found that with the energy that I had, because I’ve been working on this book for seven years, I want to put working in quotes. It was really hard for me because the energy that I was putting out was what do other people want me to say? What is expected of me out of this book? It was never looking within how do I feel about this. But the moment that I let it go, what are the expectations of others? What should I be doing? Then it started flowing. So I have Scrivener on my phone now, and I can’t say I’m doing it while actively dashing. But if I have an idea while I’m out, I can pop open Scrivener, speak it into my phone. There I go, but I’m giving myself that freedom just to be out of the house a little bit. And the energy feels so much better.

Christy Whitman: Well, good for you for noticing. Gosh, when I’m stuck in my house, this is what’s happening to me, how do I get out and do stuff, and doing something, then to change it because it would be really easy for you to talk yourself out of it because someone might have an idea and then go, Oh, I’m not gonna do that. I can’t do that. And that’s really what the desire factor, my new book is all about is that, we get these impulses, we get these ideas in our heads. And a lot of times, we talk ourselves out of them. It could be a desire for a business, it could be a desire to get out of the house and go see people when you don’t have that ability to do other than do doordash. I mean, whatever the desire is, could be desire to find a new partner, or get a divorce, or whatever it might be. But these desires, when they light us up, when they fulfill us, it’s like we have to pay attention because they’re coming from a very much deeper place in us. But most people don’t give themselves permission to have what they desire. I just want to acknowledge you for that because that’s awesome that you’re noticing what you’re feeling, you’re perceiving is missing or not feeling good. And that’s always good information because luck will always be there. That information of, Hey, I don’t have this. I would like this instead. Most people then focus on the fact that they don’t have it, they complain about it, they worry about it instead of doing something about it. When you have the awareness of what I like to call contrast, something you don’t want, don’t have, don’t know is in your awareness, now you can say, okay, now what do I need to do to learn about it to shift this? What information do I need? What steps do I need to take? What’s an option? What’s the solution here? And that’s really how to get out of contrast so that you’re not sticking into contrast?

Kim Sutton: And just being open to the answer that question provides so many opportunities. We, and I say WE because my husband and I would have never considered doing doordash. But opening up that door of possibilities, he’s a disabled veteran with a really bad back injury so it’s hard for him to move around some days. But as the quote man, he felt all these shoulds, I should be contributing. He’s out doordashing right now, and he’s just lit up. This is his first day doing it, like right now. He was so excited this morning, knowing that he’s going to work.

Christy Whitman: That’s so empowering. Whatever the work is.

Kim Sutton: Yeah. And he loves being around people. So for him, just being at home with me all the time was hard. But could you talk about your new book just a little bit more? I do have one specific question, did you wake up for seven nights in a row with the message that you should be writing for this book as well? Or for any of your other books?

Christy Whitman: No, it works in different ways. My book, The Art of Having It All, which is a phenomenal book, and it’s another one of my books that hit the New York Times. That one literally was like, while I was in waking time, I remember my kids were both really tiny and I would say to them and my husband, I’m like, all of a sudden, I’ll just get this flow, this flood, this just flash flood of information. I said: “I’m being instructed to walk around with a journal and a pen.” So even when my kids were like three and four, I’m like, if you see mommy pick up her pen and her journal, just give me a minute, I’ll be back with you. But don’t go Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy if I’m not giving you attention. Give me a couple minutes just to write what I need to write down, I’ll put it down and I’ll be back to you. And they were awesome. So that was like during the day. 

But most of my books, like The Desire Factor, literally downloaded through me on a cruise ship. I was in the middle of the Mediterranean, and it’s one of the stories that I use in the book about, we have these desires. And these desires are meant from a higher spiritual perspective to expand us, to grow us, but they’re for growth. They’re for an opportunity to become more of who we really are. But we as the personality get this desire and go, ooh, I like that. And then we flow with it. So there’s two benefits to it. The person gets to have, or hold, or be with the desire, and the divine in us wants the expansion. So both benefit. I had just come back from Venice with my family, and I had bought this Dolce and Gabbana purse, and I was admiring the purse, and then boom, the book came through me. Because about six years prior to this, six or seven years prior to this, I had gone to Italy with my parents and my husband. He wasn’t my husband at the time, he was my boyfriend. But the four of us went on a two week trip all over Italy. Went to Lake Como, and Venice, and Florence, and Positano, and it was amazing when we went–

Kim Sutton: Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, Positano, one of my favorites. I don’t even need to say it, one of my favorite books, right there.

Christy Whitman: Yes. It’s a gorgeous place. So we were in Venice, and I remember the first time ever walking into a city like this where they had, I love high fashion. I always love fashion. I’ve always been since I was a kid. I’ve always loved designer brands and all that kind of stuff. Not to have other people approve of me just because I like the craftsmanship. I love the structure, I don’t know, I just loved everything, the style of it. Everything. So here we are in Venice and I remember going, oh, my god, this is incredible, like Shangri La. I mean, I felt like the doors open and like the angel music went, Oh, it was just like, Oh, my God because I’m seeing Dolce Gabbana, and seeing Fendi, and Dior, and Chanel. Now, to some of you, you might be like, Oh, my God, that’s so materialistic. Or Oh, my God, I have no interest in that. That’s not your desired factor. But this is mine. So I’ll discuss yours in a second, but this is mine. 

So here I am, I just started my business. And the idea to spend any high amount of money on a purse would have been absolutely ridiculous. I told my husband, it was my husband’s time, but I told him, I said: “I am gonna someday come back here. And with the success of my business, I’m going to come back to Venice and buy whatever purse I want to buy.” And that was my declaration. It was my promise to myself. Well, here I was, again, maybe seven years later, I have to figure out what the exact time, seven, or eight, six, I’m like that around that time frame. I took my parents, and my two kids, and my husband on a trip on a cruise, Mediterranean high level cruise, and we got to go to Venice for a day and a half. And I had it planned. My husband and I were going to take part in the afternoon, and he was going to come shop with me, and I was going to buy whatever purse I wanted to buy. And I did. I walked in Dolce Gabbana. I bought that beautiful purse, the color that I wanted. We had a beautiful lunch together. It was a magnificent day. 

But that purse? Yes, I think I’ve used it a couple times. It’s still in my closet. That purse was not about the purse, it was about WHO I became in the process of acquiring that purse. I had grown a multimillion dollar business here. I was able to not just go on a trip with my parents, but literally, first class accommodations, a beautiful stay in this state room. I was able to give my parents this beautiful gift on the Mediterranean, for all the things that they’ve done for me in my life, I was able to bring my family together. So that purse literally was a symbol of success, it was a symbol of generosity, it was a symbol of who I had become in the process. And that’s what our desired factors are. But most people would go, well, that’s kind of materialistic. I know that because I did it too. I’m on the ship and I’m like, well, that’s kind of materialistic. And then I heard the voice, and then there comes the writing that it’s like everything in the material world is materialistic. But underneath that material, underneath that physical manifestation is energy. So how can anything that’s material be considered bad unless the meaning we make it. If we say that something is bad, oh, someone likes to golf? Oh, that’s bad.

Kim Sutton: Right.

Christy Whitman: Traveling to Wyoming. Oh, that’s not good. Once you travel somewhere else, why? If someone has a desire, that desire came from a higher place. Now, if a desire came because you want to hurt or harm somebody, if you want to make somebody love and accept you because of what you have, or what you do, what you accomplish, or you want to prove your worth to somebody, all of that stuff that comes from luck, like we’ve talked about is not of the Divine. But if you just get this idea of an idea that you have, that someday I’m going to come back here, I’m gonna buy whatever purse I want because I’m going to have that level of success. Well, look at that? Look at the energy that moved through me, and look at what I was able to, that trip did not become about the purse, it became about the memories and about the really reflecting on the success that I created. And with that success that I created, meant the lives were being changed. People were literally getting transformed. Coaches were getting certified. And more people were getting served and transformed, and impact was being made. It was all about all of that, not just about the purse. The purse was a representation of it, but we have to give ourselves permission to have what that personality receives as a desire in order to have that bigger expansion.

Kim Sutton: Was there a pun intended there, personality?

Christy Whitman: No. That’s funny.

Kim Sutton: In 2019, before I made the shift, I had read a book, A Spirit Driven Success, Dani Johnson. And right when I was reading it, even though it took me a few more months to implement, it read, the more you make, the more you can serve. And that’s what you were just saying. But she was coming at it from the viewpoint of a Christian entrepreneurs perspective, because I’ve been around so many Christian entrepreneurs who felt like they needed to give stuff away while they were building their businesses, that they couldn’t charge their fair worth, their true value because it would be unchristian. And she totally, in this book, just squash that. And without cussing, which I would have to imagine that she could do as well. Hey, I’m just gonna say I haven’t sworn at all in this episode, but I’m a Christian who cusses a lot, just saying. 

At that moment, I was like, oh, and in that moment, I realized that I’m not charging a fair rate for the services I’m offering, either for me or for my clients. When I’m undervaluing myself, I’m getting scarcity minded clients. When I’m wondering, valuing myself, I have to work more to support my family. And the moment that I got that in my head was when I went to the client that I had been working with for a few years and said: “I need to raise my rate.” And I heard back, you got to remember where all your work is coming from. So I knew I needed to make a change because this is not the energy that I’m putting off anymore, and this is the energy that I want to put in to bring in anymore. It’s been small, sometimes painful steps, I can’t wait to see where I go. You’re inspiring me, and I don’t know what my Dolce and Gabbana bag would be, or what it would look like. 

But I’m just going to take something practical from my own house, like a rice cooker gotten from the big box store for $20 as compared to a rice cooker from William Sonoma that might cost 100, $200. There’s other minor improvements that we can make in our house, and in our home, in our family where, I mean, I’ve seen it with our kids with sneakers, you go to a big box store and you get a pair of cheap sneakers with the thought, well, they’re just gonna grow out of them in a few months anyway. Yeah, a lot of the time, they don’t even make it through the full two months because you thought cheap. I know what I’m trying to say, I don’t think it’s coming out as quickly as I want to. But I just thought of the bigger picture, I’m going to invest, and it’s going to feel good. And yeah, you know what? Those sneakers might last a year. But damn, those are nice looking, they’ve held up really good. There’s so many times, we’ve had to go back to big box stores just to get a new pair of shoes three or four times because they keep on falling apart. And then we finally kick our own bums and realize that this is not how to do it, think bigger. Think bigger.

Christy Whitman: Well, yeah, the divine things are pretty big. If we want to think small and limited, then we’re going to get small, limited. But if we open up our view, if we open up our happiness, if we open up our willingness and give ourselves permission to have what we are divinely designed to have, and to thrive, and to feel good, then the divine in us is going to mirror that as well.

Kim Sutton: Absolutely. So your newest book, The Desire Factor is coming out soon. Could you share a little bit about that and let listeners know where they can go to get their own copy?

Christy Whitman: Yeah, absolutely. So this is a really special book, because this is the book that I have channeled directly with the council. All my other books have been channeled, like I said, but I didn’t know who I was channeling. So this is the first one where I’m like unclear who is the voice and what the voice is. This is literally a book of how to manifest any desire that you have in the certain steps that you do it. And so they laid it out like a kind of a combination lock, if you mix up the numbers, you’re not opening up the key of the lock. 

So doing it step by step in the exact same order, and it just takes seconds to do once you get it down, then you’re off to the races. So it doesn’t matter what desire you have, bigger, smaller, material or immaterial, you can apply this information at any point and take it through, and you will start seeing yourself manifest the things that you want. Sometimes bigger and better than you ever could have thought about. I have a whole chapter in the conclusion how it was manifesting one thing, and that form didn’t come in the exact way I wanted it to but it opened up the realm for so many other forms. So it’s a really important book for our time to understand about energy tender sand, about how we are energy masters and really how to break down what it is that we want. And right now, because we are pre ordering it, it’s going to be ready for release anytime because we’re pre ordering it. When you go to thedesirefactor.com you can pre order it, and immediately, right away. You get three different processes that will help you start creating your desires right away. One of them is a success meditation, another one is a hologram meditation, another one is a peace and harmony meditation. Like a meditation/healing/process. And then when the book comes out officially, you’ll be sent the book plus shipping. And then we have a live four week course starting with myself and the council in May, where we go through the different principles that are in the book. So it’s like a $900 value for a $15 book.

Kim Sutton: I’m so excited. I signed up for that.

Christy Whitman: You’re gonna love it.

Kim Sutton: Listeners, just so you get an idea about how my energy has worked in the last couple days, I mean, I literally, as I already said, I picked up the book Quantum Success last week. I was reading it two days later. I went to Christy’s site and saw that The Desire Factor is coming out, pre ordered it right away. And then I was like, I need to email Christy, and that was just four days ago. I’m not saying that I have no doubt that your calendar is not usually like that, that you can just hop on a call. And I think I even put in my email, I know that your schedule is probably crazy right now, but I’d love to have you a guest, if you want to be a guest. Here’s the link. I was like, this is just, well, divine timing. I mean, with everything that’s changing in my life and in my business, and the fact that the book was calling, and thank you for all that you do and all that you write, I’m going to be ordering your other books today, because I can’t wait to read those two after I’m done with Quantum Success. And you’ve been keeping me company in my car too, just so you know. It’s nice to just be on the road listening to positive thoughts in the ear and learning thoughts, and not have the kids screaming while I’m trying to read, and just be able to go through books while driving.

Christy Whitman: Yeah, awesome. Well, you’re in the quantum field. And when you tap into that quantum field, things in the material world move very fast. Time and space is really so subjective. And especially when you tap into that quantum field, things become exponential instead of like a step by step linear approach, like your leapfrogging over what you might as a human being deem as impossibilities, because possibilities are there. So impossibilities become total probabilities, they can become inevitabilities. And that’s what’s exciting about this work.

Kim Sutton: I want to leave you with one more thing before we hang up. But then I have two questions for you. I had taken my dream house off my computer as my background, because I started thinking small again, but you’ve just inspired me to put it back up. It’s my dream house. You know what? That’s my Dolce and Gabbana bag.

Christy Whitman: Exactly.

Kim Sutton: My dream house where each kid, and I five kids, each kid has their own bedroom and own bathroom. Do we need that much space? Absolutely not.

Christy Whitman: Not about need.

Kim Sutton: Right. Is it going to be a lot of cleaning? Yes, but we don’t need to do it. But that’s the space that, when I want to have masterminds, clients can come to me. Thank you. I’m putting that back on there. I have two questions for you. One is completely off topic. But if you were to go back to Chicago today, what’s the first restaurant that you would want to go to?

Christy Whitman: Oh, Gibsons, easy.

Kim Sutton: Okay.

Christy Whitman: Yeah, Gibsons was one of my favorite, favorite restaurants. Either that or Nick’s fFishmarket, or if you’re just gonna go to pizza, Lou Malnati’s, who knows? I love pizza too.

Kim Sutton: I just introduced my husband to deep-dish pizza last year, he’s hooked.

Christy Whitman: So good.

Kim Sutton: Yeah. Second question is, well, actually there’s three, where’s the best place for listeners to connect with you and learn more?

Christy Whitman:  So christywhitman.com is my main website, and that’ll get you to know about all my work. But I would definitely go check out watchyourwords.com, that’s the 30 day video series I was talking about, and then you’ll get my podcast and different articles that are based on things that we’re working on like The Desire Factor, or you go to thedesirefactor.com.

Kim Sutton: Fabulous. Now, if you listener our doordashing, or try not to burn dinner, or don’t want to fall off the elliptical, you can find all the show notes at thekimsutton.com/pp702, whatever your podcast player you’re listening to right now, that link will also be in the show notes along with Christy’s link. So please, do not crash your car, burn dinner or fall off the elliptical, that would be no good. And that would be totally something I would do. Do you have a parting piece of advice or golden nugget that you can leave the listeners?

Christy Whitman: We’re all supposed to thrive and to feel good in all aspects of our life. I mean, in our well being, and our health, and our finances, in our businesses, and our careers, and the projects we’re working with in every single relationship whether it’s our most intimate relationship to our next door neighbor, to our in-laws. And if everything is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside of us, and it is as within so without, then we can, we have the power to literally shift anything within us, giving ourselves permission to do that. And therefore, everything outside of ourselves changes. So we are not powerless or a victim to anything, we are very powerful. And as soon as we start to tap in and understand our own power, who we are, then we will create deliberately consciously the life that we want to live.