How to Repurpose Old Content to Fill Your Funnel

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Every piece of content you publish deserves to receive traffic indefinitely. Does it?

In this video, Kim shares 3 ways you can repurpose old content to fill your funnel.

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Every piece of content you publish deserves to receive traffic indefinitely. Does it? In this video, @thekimsutton shares 3 ways you can repurpose old content to fill your funnel: To Tweet


Please forgive the state of this transcription. It was completely cleaned and then I had a website error when I pushed save. I have no patience to clean it up again tonight. 🙂

Welcome back to feel good funnel Fridays. I’m your host, KIM SUTTON. Today I am going to talk about how to repurpose your old content to fill your funnel. I am a mom of five I have clients that I work with constantly. Again, I’m gonna repeat, I’m a mom of five. So there’s a lot going on in my house all the time, my wife, there’s a lot going on here. So every single time that I put out a piece of content, whether it be a video, a podcast, a blog article, I want to make sure that I don’t just publish it once, but that after I publish it, it continues to work around the clock throughout all of eternity for me. So I’m going to share with you today how to repurpose old content to fill your funnel. Step number one is include an opt in in every single piece of content. If you go live on Facebook or LinkedIn or any YouTube presents an offer to your people. And regardless of when they look at that piece of content in the future, if you’re giving them if you’re offering them something of value that is in alignment with what you are teaching with what you are presenting, then you could be getting opt ins forever. In January of 2019, I had an article that went viral. And within the first couple of days, it had thousands of visitors and I was really stoked. But I couldn’t figure out why no, why my list wasn’t growing. So I went and looked at the article, and there was no option in it. I build funnels for my clients, that’s what I do every day, and I kicked myself in the butt to say the least, because I had not put an opt in into my own blog article. After that day, I went back to Every single previous blog article, and made sure that every single one had an opt in and included in now, every single blog article, every single podcast episode, every single video that I do does have an opt in that is relevant to the topic that I’m talking about. That includes today. For example, you can go right now to KIM SUTTON comm forward slash f, g f, I believe I’ll put the correct links down below. But you can sign up for my four part free video training series on how to build your own feel good funnel, no cost, no obligation, but it’s my gift to you because I want to make sure that you can move forward building your feel good funnel. So see it’s as easy as that. Give them relevant content that’s going to help them out. So that is a way number one and how to repurpose old content to fill your funnel. Way number two, this is a little bit more complex. heated and techie but I want you to optimize every single piece of content for SEO. So this includes your podcast episodes, your blog articles, every single piece of content needs to be optimized. If you’re on WordPress, and that’s the platform I use, it’s really simple to know what you should do and what steps you need to take. If you’re using a tool like Yoast SEO, that’s a free plugin. I personally used the premium plugin. Again still Yoast SEO, but it gives me more expanded

details on the steps that I can take it up and there’s so much more insight. But I honestly I don’t go that far. Deep. All I look for is green. There’s a little circle at the top of each piece of content and my motto to clients when we’re working on there is this green is good. I know there SEO experts out there. I am not one of them. But my goal for every piece of content is to go for grant. So, whenever a podcast episode goes out, whenever a blog episode goes out, your blog article goes out, we go for green. Two ways that you want to make sure that you do this are to optimize your images that you have included. And yes, you should include images and every piece of content and to optimize your text. So for example, the images that will be on my site that go along with this video today are going to be titled, how to repurpose old content to fill your funnel. You don’t want to go into Canva or your graphic tool and create an untitled graphic and then include that in your content. Because what Google is going to see is an image that’s called untitled. It’s not going to see the relevance between the image and the content that you just put out. But if it sees, for example, for this one, that the image says repurpose old content, and maybe that’s the focus keyword that I’m using it repurpose old content, then it’s gonna feel like, Oh, I see what she’s doing here somebody searches in Google for repurpose old content. This is this is likely a good one that we should send people to. So think about that. How many times throughout the text suddenly, but purposely Can you put in that focus keyword that you want people to when people are searching in Google that they’re searching for? Where can you put that in the text? And how could you title your graphics appropriately. So that is way number two, on how to repurpose old content to fill your funnel. Way number three is set up evergreen sharing. I love using Pinterest. I love using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, but I don’t like having to be in there every single day posting content. So I have an arsenal of tools that I have enlisted the supportive to continually post evergreen content now. I need to use a disclaimer that if you look on this actual day, and I’m recording this on April 24 2020.

The Facebook, Twitter Linkedin site is broken because we’re switching from one tool to another. But if you look on Pinterest, I have pins that are being constantly recycled for my lead magnets for my blog articles for my podcast episodes. I actually had a surge in podcast downloads earlier this week because it was the podcast repurposing day. And it worked. It does wonders. Every single piece of content that you put out, as long as it’s not date specific, as long as it’s not time sensitive. You should have a system in place to reshare that forever, as long as you or your team can do it. Or as long as you have a tool like me, Edgar, or social be social. He is the one that we’re about to start trying, or even buffer, I think that you can use buffer to reshare content set something like that up. It can be a little bit complicated and time consuming to initially set this up. But I use a Google Sheet, I have a different. I have a Google spreadsheet with different sheets, one for blog articles, one for podcasts. And each one of these different tabs serves as the catalog for that type of content. So for example, my podcast tab has the whole list of all my podcast episodes. And then I include the social media posts that I want to use forever on that so that, well, if we switch tools, we don’t have to redo all the messaging. Again, we already have it right in there. And then in my Dropbox, we have a whole library of all the images that we created. So we don’t need to recreate that either. If we decide to use tools or if the tool that we were using shuts down for any reason. We already have the library We can simply move it. I would love to hear which one of these strategies you’re going to start implementing, ASAP. So whether you’re going to start putting an opt in to every single one of your pieces of content, whether you’re going to work on optimizing your SEO, or if you’re going to start setting up your evergreen systems, leave a comment down below. Let me know what you’re going to work on. And then let me know how it goes as time goes on. If you’re not already a fan of my Facebook page, or if you’re not, if you’re not a subscriber on YouTube, make sure to hit the button because I’d like to stay in touch. And with all that said, Go forth and make it a positive and a productive day.