What to Do if Your Content Marketing Scares You


Does content marketing scare the heck out of you?
Or, even better, do you hear experts on the internet talking about content marketing but you don’t know what it is?
If either of these apply, this video is for you!
I sucked at content marketing when I started my business in 2012, and, no, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Doing it “wrong” has taught me how to do it “right”, and in this video I share the mistakes I made.
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When I started my business in 2012, I was scared to develop content, and let me tell you why.

I would love, by the way, to hear if any of these resonate with you.

What to Do if Your Content Marketing Scares You

Number one, I was afraid that people would not be interested in what I was saying.

I was afraid that I was going to be speaking to a brick wall. Much like talking to my kids, sometimes, I was afraid that they would find it boring. I was afraid that I was going to be wrong –that I would give out a non factual or would give incorrect information, and that people just wouldn’t like it in general.

Number two, I struggled with content marketing, and my content marketing scared me because I, I didn’t like it. It didn’t feel good to me.

I was writing what I thought other people wanted to hear instead of what felt good to me, so when you’re writing when I was writing from that place of not liking and not being connected to my content, it scared the, you know what out of me.

Number three….

I don’t even remember what list I started with here.

I was very sporadic in my content marketing, because of both, you know, being afraid of what people would think in number two, not being connected to it.

And, because I was sporadic, I was only sharing content maybe once a month, once every two months. And even when I put it out, I wasn’t properly marketing it.

Now, in case you’re wondering what content marketing is just hang out with me for a few minutes and I’ll walk through it. And, I’ll share some ways that you can overcome being… being scared of your content marketing

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Now let’s get back to what to do if your content marketing scares you.

I want you to think about what…

Well, actually, let’s just pause there for a second

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is different from a lot of other forms of marketing out there. It’s blog articles, podcast episodes, social media posts, videos like this, where you are delivering content, delivering learning tools and resources and tips strategies, all of the above, to your audience to serve them, not necessarily to sell to them.

So again, content marketing is content.


I’m trying to think what other methods I may have forgotten, but again, blog articles, videos, podcast episodes, social media posts, for the most part, that are non pitchy.

With that said, content marketing can have freebie offers like I will have at the end of this video. It can have offers to your people. You can have paid offers in your content marketing, but the biggest purpose is to serve and not to sell.

All right?

All right. I think we’ve got that covered now.

But getting back to… to what to do if your content marketing scares you, I want you to first take a step back and think about the content that you are creating.

Are you creating it for people that you don’t even know?

Are you creating what you think people want but you don’t even know if they want?

Are you connecting with the content that you’re creating?

I will tell you that when I started my blog in 2012, I was writing articles and I already told you this, but I was writing articles that I thought other people wanted and other people needed.

The difference between those two — between what people want and what people need — that alone is huge.

I didn’t ask them what they want. I didn’t ask them what they need. I had no clue.

So, I remember… A really horrible example of one of my first blog articles was why every entrepreneur needs life insurance.

I didn’t even have life insurance. To be fully honest, I don’t even have life insurance to this day. I should. I will take care of that this year. But I wasn’t connected at all to this article.

It was boring as heck, it got no feedback, and it lived on my blog for years.

Thankfully, in 2019 2018, I got rid of a whole bunch of that junk and I am going to call it junk. I didn’t want to read it. None of my people wanted to read it. I’m sure it lives out there and on on the web somewhere in some, I don’t know, archive. I just don’t need it on my site anymore.

I want to be delivering content like this and the other videos and podcasts and blog articles that I do that entertains, educates and enlightens entrepreneurs,

I just came up with that. That was pretty good, wasn’t it? I’ll have to re-listen to this.

Anyway, connect to your content. If you’re not connecting, it’s not going to connect with your audience.

I thought it was going to have a whole bunch more to talk about. But I think really that has to be the first and biggest priority and every single piece of marketing that you put out there. Are you connecting to it?

Once you start connecting to it, then it will be much easier to see that the path that it will take into revenue lines for your business.

For example, and I’m just going to be fully transparent here, I’m talking to you today about content marketing, but this is part of my Feel Good Funnel Friday series.

So last week, and the weeks before, next week, and the weeks after, I’m going to be discussing every Friday ways to fill your funnel; ways to build your funnel; ways to improve your funnel.

Well, content marketing is a way to drive traffic to your funnel.

And, because I am so committed to helping you build Feel Good Funnels, and that’s… that’s the name of what I offer, Feel Good Funnels, in every single one of these videos, which I hope you find value from I give an offer, I have a four part free video training series called Feel Good… Here’s one for the blooper reel… Feel Good Funnels 4-Part Free Video Training.

I think I got that right. Close enough if it’s not. But that’s further content marketing.

Do I require an email address to sign up? Yeah, but I’m still not selling anything. I’m guiding you into my funnel through a funnel about funnels.

I don’t care if you are teaching people how to knit, if you are teaching people how to bake, if you want to help people with their golf swing, if you are talking about how to survive snow days as an entrepreneur with all five of your kids at home, which is exactly what I’m doing today. All of those are pieces of content marketing. You could talk about them on podcasts, blog articles, videos, audios, social media posts. Doing lives is content marketing, and it’s going to serve people.

By the way, drop your ideas down below of how to survive with five kids at home on a snow day. Yes, they are going to go outside and play with snow, but I would love some other ideas, preferably that do not require electronics because they have enough of those already.

Anyway, I would love to know how you are going to take a step back and connect to your content marketing so that you can better connect with your community and build and expand your know like and trust factor. So, leave a comment down below.

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