Where are YOU in Your Funnel?

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Too many entrepreneurs feel the need to hide themselves for fear of exposing the true story of who they are and where they came from with their audience.

The fact of the matter is people buy from people. Your clients and customers want to know who you are. They want to know your good, your bad and your ugly. They want a reason to become your Superfan (thanks, Pat Flynn!). They want to know your rags to riches stories, and hear about the times things didn’t go as planned — but how you turned it around.

So, today I ask you — Where are YOU in your funnel?

Is your personality hiding in the wings for fear of saying or doing something stupid? Or are you shining the light on you — ALL sides of you?

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Where are YOU in your funnel? Is your personality hiding in the wings for fear of saying or doing something stupid? Or are you shining the light on you -- ALL sides of you? Listen as @thekimsutton discusses: https://thekimsutton.com/where-are-you-in-your-funnelClick To Tweet


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Happy Friday, welcome to another session of feel good funnel Fridays. I’m so happy to have you here. I was thinking this morning as happens with many of my lives. And okay, I was thinking I always think you always think, but I had this aha come up with in my brain about how with myself and with so many of my clients, what the missing component is when our funnels aren’t working is us. So, today’s conversation is where are you in your funnel. I want to take you on a little journey. When I started my business in 2012. I thought my business will All about the people I was trying to serve. I wrote blog articles that were meant for them and I had no personal attachment to I, well, I barely ever did. lives.

consistently. I still struggle with that.


all my podcast episodes when I started my podcasts in 2016, they were all about the guest. I was nowhere in there, I was asking questions, I would sometimes put out a little bit about myself, but I would hold my story really close to my chest because I was afraid about sharing too much about myself. But then in 2016, I had this really spiritual experience following a severe case of sleep deprivation. If you haven’t heard about it, I’ll put a link down below to the podcast episode so you can listen about it. And I realized that what I really need to do in my business is share my story, too. help other entrepreneurs from facing the same type of sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression that I did. Because they’re trying to do too much of everything themselves. They don’t have the support that they need. They are working 2022 hours a day instead of sleeping at all. They don’t take care of themselves. They’re saying yes to everybody else, and no to themselves into their family. And what’s the point? You know, when you’re depleted and when you’re rundown? What’s the point in your business? So I started sharing about this and sharing my story in all of my funnels in my podcasts on videos like this. And that’s when the magic started happening. started to happen. Pardon grammar grammar police, you do not want to stick around positive productivity because positive productivity does not mean perfection. That means typos and grammar errors will happen and bloopers go lower. So Oh, and kids in the background. Anyway, I started to share my story because I realized that if I did not share my story, if I didn’t put me into my mission into my vision into my values into my products and my services, then how was I going to support people? I just wasn’t because my heart wouldn’t be there. So I started sharing. And that’s,

as I said, that’s when the magic started to happen.

In full disclosure. I’m still not where I want to be financially in my business. I think that with every stage of business that we’re in, we reach new goals, but I’m working towards it. And I realized that by being more present by being more sharing about what’s going on here, the good, the bad and the ugly, that I can connect more. So I want you this weekend and this week, I had to look at your own funnels and see where you are in that. What are you sharing what experience are you sharing? Why is this? Why is the freebie that you’re giving away important to you? Where are you on your thank you page? Where are you in your nurture emails? Where’s your story? I’ve had clients who didn’t share anything about themselves. And it was all about making money and sharing statistics and, you know, all this research research that was pulled, but that one time Oh, and I must say the open rates for all those emails because people weren’t getting the personal connection that they really needed. The open rates for those emails were consistently low when I’m talking three to 5% low, but the moment that the personal shares started happening, or happened once the open went really far up, like people were really intrigued. They wanted to know more people, buy from people, you are a person unless you are, you know, a large scale hospital. system are a huge corporation, which, you know, give me give me a comment down below and let me know if that’s the type of business that you have. But chances are if you’re here watching this video, you have a service based organization, and you are dealing with clients one on one or maybe in small groups, and people buy from people, they want to see you in every step of the process. So let me take you through a few steps that you really can be taking right now. To put yourself into it more, starting with the landing page. Any freebie that you give out, you should have you included in it on the landing page in the freebie itself share why it’s important to you. On the thank you page. I’ve seen great success for clients who are putting videos onto their thank you page, they’re making this personal connection. You know, they’re inviting them to take the next action. Maybe it’s an upsell. Maybe it’s inviting the person to join their private Facebook group or another community. But this II connection is so important. After somebody signs up for my work smarter, not harder challenge. I am trying although it’s been some weeks I do better than not to send a bone zero video. The bungee arrow is an app. You can find it at Bo n g o aro.com. I think or app I’ll have a link down below or on the on the page on my site where this video goes after it’s created. But I’ve been doing my best to create a video Welcome welcoming people to the work smarter, not harder challenge, again, is that one on one connection. Thanks so much for joining me. I’m so happy that you’re here. I saw that you joined two days ago. If you have any questions, you know, just pop an email over to me. Here’s my email address and yes, I actually am talking to you and I use their name. I say what the date is And the responses that I’m getting are great. You know, that personal interaction was really important. Then when you get to the upsell, where are you included in it? I want to go back to the nurture sequence though, just for a moment. So many people that think that after somebody after their lead opts in for a freebie, they should only get, you know, one or a couple emails. Some of my nurture sequences are months long, that does not mean that I’m emailing people on a daily basis. I start out with one email, and then maybe the next day and then the next day, so there’s three days in a row. And then I stretch it to two days in between, then three days, four days, five days, but it can go on indefinitely. But the personal connection is always there. And no, I don’t go for the sale right away. I’m looking to build my know like and trust factor by sharing my good, my bad and my ugly and positive productivity doesn’t mean that it’s always good. But it’s not there’s bad things around here. You know, there’s coffee that’s spilled on desk, that doesn’t mean the bet the day is bad. Let me revise what I said earlier. There’s days that aren’t as smooth as others, okay? There are no bad days. It’s how we look at it. By the way, a kid or a cat, took all the blooms off this orchid

that I got for Mother’s Day. And the thing is now dying. That’s what I mean by things don’t always go as smooth. If you know how to take care of orchids, just put it there. But see, this is what I mean. having that connection, proper care and maintenance of I think that was an orchid anyway. You know, by sharing that type of story. I could draw a parallel between that and something that happens in the business. Sometimes kids or animals pluck all the leaves off and then we have to figure out what to do with it. So don’t stop after the initial delivery email. continue the conversation, invite them to write back to you You share your story, keep on going on the sales page, don’t make it all about facts and statistics, share your own personal stories on your product sales pages. This is what was happening before I implemented the system. This is what my life looked like. And this is what I’ve seen now. People love this stuff. So that’s about your funnel directly. But I want to take a step back because even before people get to your funnel, there’s the necessary part of being visible. So when you’re going live when you’re posting on Instagram, when you’re on any social media platform, you need to be in your brand. I want you to share stories about you the good, the bad, and the ugly, but please, for the love of all that is holy don’t make it all boasting. I know I’ve unfollowed a couple people because they thought that they were going to impress their audience by constantly sharing their pictures. From, or their videos from first class, you know, or at a fancy resort. It doesn’t impress me. What I want to know is the journey. What got you here? Don’t tell me that this is your 15th first class trip this year. Tell me how you got there. That’s what your people want to know, too. They don’t care as much about your fancy bag and your fancy car is they do about the steps that you took to get it? And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care about all the fancy stuff. Anyway, my car’s a 1996. I’m happy with that. I pay less for my car on a yearly basis, then some people yeah, then a lot of people and I’m happy with that. But anyway, that’s my story. It’s time to share yours. Put yourself into your funnel. And let me know how it starts turning around for you. Leave a comment down below or send me an email through the site. I would love to hear from you. If you enjoyed This video leave a comment down below let me know how you’re going to get started right away and be sure to turn on notifications so that you find out the next time I went live. I will be back on Monday with next level Mondays but until then go forth

and make it a positive and a productive day.