Where Do Blogs Come From?

I have been asked on more than a few occasions how I am able to write my blog articles. Like, how do I come up with the ideas and how much time does each article take me. Answering this question can be as awkward as when our kids ask us where babies come from, however for our kids we have a medical answer. Where do blogs come from? More specifically, where does this blog come from? My best answer is: The car, the shower, bed… Just about anywhere and everywhere!

I am NOT one to sit down and force myself to write an article. Actually, I refuse to do that. Unless I already have an idea I will not even attempt to write. I always want the blogs on our site to be in my/our true voice, and forcing myself to write would give you the equivalent of a 1000-word essay on American architecture. In other words, it would be forced and probably drawn out. (Note: I like American architecture. I just don’t like being told what to write.)

This morning is luckily one of those days when I had 3-4 blog article ideas pop up in my brain. Where did they come from? My only guess is God. Within an hour I’ve been able to punch out 3 articles and get them scheduled for the future. Yep, I get enough ideas that I am able to pre-schedule my articles.

If you are looking to get a blog started or expand a blog you currently have, my recommendation is this: Don’t think about what you’re going to write. Write what feels right. If an article is take you too long you may not be inspired enough on the topic to write about it right now. Save it as a draft for future use and wait until you ARE inspired.


So going back to the questions, “Where do blogs come from?”

The best blogs come from the author’s inspiration and expertise.

You cannot force inspiration. How many times have you had a word or name on the tip of your tongue, and as long as you tried to force yourself to think of it you could not? But as soon as you stopped trying and started thinking about something else the name or word came right to you?

This has happened to me plenty, and this is how the Sutton Creative Studios blog sustains itself. My notebook has a permanent residence in my purse because without fail I will think of an article when I am out and about. Just this past weekend I sat through three sport events for our boys and came up with three new articles. One was entirely drafted out while the team was still doing warm-ups!

Even if you’re not looking to make money with your blog, it is YOUR blog. Your insight is what the blog is based on. Speak to your audience in your own true voice, and about topics you are passionate about.