PP 154: The Truth About Intimacy with Allana Pratt

Quick Show Notes: Allana Pratt

What a CRAmazing chat Kim had with Allana Pratt! They discussed intimacy in terms of in-to-me-I-see, including how we can have intimate relationships with money, the value in having personal boundaries, and “Hoi Ya!” (You’ll have to listen to learn more on that!)

.@allanapratt and @thekimsutton have a CRAmazing chat and discuss intimacy in terms of in-to-me-I-see, including how we can have intimate relationships with money, and the value ofhaving personal boundaries: https://thekimsutton.com/pp154Click To Tweet

Episode Transcription

Kim Sutton: Welcome back to another episode of positive productivity. This is your host Kim Sutton and today I am thrilled to have Allana Pratt, an intimacy expert and relationship coach here to join us.

Allana, thank you so much for joining us today.

Allana Pratt: It is such a pleasure. I think you are so awesome. Kim, you are hysterical. You crack me up. And you’re also very centered and poignant and heartfelt. So I love getting to know you behind the scenes before this interview. And I’m really glad to be here. Thank you,

Kim Sutton: Listeners, someday I’m going to have to release some of what does go on before the episodes you’ve already heard. And the bloopers.

But Allana has just been tremendously awesome waiting for children to leave. It’s… It’s a holiday when we’re recording this… Hearing stories about my crazy animals.

Kim Sutton: Oh, and by the way before we get… Sorry, I’m taking the highlight away from you. But…

Allana Pratt: No, no.

Kim Sutton: Before we get into it, we just coined the phrase in our chat chat, Cra-Mazing for crazy amazing. How many Cra-Mazing… Listeners I mean, I’m sure a lot of the listeners relate so…

Allana Pratt: Absolutely. And I liked to add that little bit to slap your ass on the chromium Mama. I love it. Yes, I have to say (?) but but yeah,

Kim Sutton: I was also just sharing I have littles to pick up choice words and they run around the kitchen island sing-songing them so that that’s actually one of the biggest reasons why why I watch my mouth on the show just hoping that it will wear off off the show but…

This episode, listeners, may be a little bit different. So It’s up to you whether or not your kids around.

Allana, I would love if you would please share more about what you do and a bit about your background so that we know how you got here with the listeners.

Allana Pratt: Thank you so much. So we… I work with women, and by the end of working with me, they feel not only sexy, but there’s a sacredness to their sexy. They feel like deliciously irresistible — not by trying to be somebody that they think they should be, but by being exactly who they are.

Allana Pratt: And I also about maybe seven years ago now started working with men as well. It wasn’t my intention, but I got interviewed on this dating show, and I found I had a real… Like a knack for helping a man’s emasculated heart be healed so that it could unleash this noble badass…

Kim Sutton: We gave the disclaimer.

Allana Pratt: Okay, yeah. Okay, good. So like a noble badass.

I think that’s what a lot of us women crave, like… We want them to be present in their hearts and their wisdom, but we also want them to be that, that sexy guy that will just claim us, right? So these are the capacities that I teach my clients and I do it through sort of not like the outside in, but the inside out.

Allana Pratt: And the way I described intimacy — in to me, I see. And for me, who we are naturally are like radiant sisters or noble badasses… that’s like who we are at our core. But there’s often a block, a limiting belief, something from the past, someplace where we’re shaming ourselves or embarrassed, we just don’t feel confident.

Allana Pratt: And so when I go with intimacy — in to me I see — we go inside, and we sit, I call it like sitting in the fire, and we become friends with the parts of us that we resist. And it’s not easy. It’s easy to love our (?) parts, but when we burn macaroni on the stove, or or whatever really…  When these things happen, it’s a little harder to be gentle with ourselves, tender with ourselves, forgive ourselves and just go, “Hey, here I am the good, the bad, the ugly.” which is such, you know, a reason why I really love your show and the way you define positive productivity.

Allana Pratt: It’s not about perfection. It’s about just being an allowance of all the flavors of who we are.

Allana Pratt: So I came into this work because I was not at peace with all that I was from a little girl. I wanted daddy’s love, and I would pretzel myself into whatever concoction I needed to to get his attention. I didn’t understand he was drunk and stoned. I assumed there was something wrong with me. So I became quite a people pleaser. To make sure I got straight A’s, you know, just anything I could do to be enough. And that led to two divorces, choosing basically unavailable, emotionally unavailable men in search of my daddy in search of His love.

Allana Pratt: So instead of going for divorce number three, I’m like, the only one call me to hear is me. Let’s do some work. And into me, I see.

Allana Pratt: I looked inside and there is a very insecure little one inside, even though I graduated from Columbia University, and I’d been on all these television networks and, you know, coach celebrities and blah, blah, blah…

Allana Pratt: That was still a mask on the outside. On the inside, I still felt less than and so I did a lot of inner work to come to peace, not to try to perfect myself and make it all right and fix myself and make it better, but just to be okay. That I’m not perfect. And I love myself. That sometimes I get scared, and I love myself, but sometimes I have trouble taking responsibility. And I love myself.

Allana Pratt: And so that’s where I get my clients to and that sets them free to be who they are.

Kim Sutton: I am having a huge wow moment because I have never heard in to me I see.

Allana Pratt: Oh, that

Kim Sutton: Yeah, so huge. And even while you’re just going through all the struggles that you’ve had, I’m thinking about the parallels in my own life. While they’re different, but the same. I mean, I had my parents were divorced. And I think I was actually… Not I “think”… I know I was looking for a stable family life. And when I found the boy that had the family, I tried to fit the mold of who I thought I needed to be in order to preserve that. And I had no intimacy with myself. I lost all me.

Allana Pratt: Yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s poignant. Again, I think a lot of us when we spin so fast, and we don’t think we’re addicted because we’re not on heroin or something, but we are addicted to being busy, addicted to having a good attitude, addicted to making more money addicted to keeping up with the Joneses addicted to making sure lose that last five pounds and then we’ll be enough like there’s all these other things we get addicted to on the outside to keep us spinning fast enough.

Allana Pratt: So we don’t feel because it’s not fun to feel. And a lot of us in my… in my practice, I find that we haven’t been taught how to navigate intense emotions. And that is a huge necessary skill to stay present.

Allana Pratt: Like I know you’ve got children, I only have one I bow to you. But like when they have a temper tantrum in the grocery store, and everybody is staring at you, there’s a lot of intensity of emotion. Like oh, shame, what do people think? Am I a good enough mother? You know, shop kids. There’s all these intense things. And if we let the emotions take us over, we are unkind to our child. We are unkind to ourselves.

Allana Pratt: But if we can navigate that intense emotion, which really comes down to like a yoga ancient practice, just breathe, breathe into the fire. Let go of trying to change it. Breathe into that which you would prefer is not happening.

(Transcription still being cleaned up. Thanks for checking it out!)

Allana Pratt: Let go of trying to fix it or change it or get approval from others. You do that 234 times, your body regulates you stay present, you let go of hating your child. You let go and hating yourself writing the other people in the grocery store. And you could just be and to me, those are moments of grace, where we don’t have to change anything or fix anything. We stay connected, intimate, vulnerable, honest, truthful, with all sort of similar words to me than intimacy. We see intimate with our child intimate with ourselves intimate with the moment and quite frankly, I believe intimate with God, the universe, the divine, this presence that has our back that we can’t connect with when we spin fast. But when we breathe and stay present long enough, it’s right there. It’s right there in the form of guidance, intuition, instincts. We make it through these situations that our kids learn to trust us. And we learn to trust life.

My kids are sort of the opposite in the grocery store. They are perfect at the grocery store. So the funny thing is, is that parents see me or the other supper see me looking all disheveled because they see these three little perfect angels sitting in the car. And I can just feel them looking at me in my sweats and T shirt in my hair that’s going crazy if I don’t have on my mom, my mama here don’t care hat. Why do you look like that? These three kids are angels. I mean, they’re the ones who will say to people that they’ve never known never met before. I love you. How are you doing today? like asking them what’s in their car and for the most part, no.


actually, most of my struggle there has come from even from clients because Learn how to deal with it, and maybe feels not the right word. But as far as my family is concerned, you know, No means no, I know what my limits are. But then there’s the clients. And I know that a lot of entrepreneurs face this the same, the same as me, where we’re always looking for acceptance. And we, until we realize that we don’t need it like we do, but we don’t I don’t what I’m trying to say but whether or not it comes out of my mouth, I don’t know if it will today. But for the longest time, I was always saying yes to my clients and giving them whatever they needed, even if it meant taking the nights and weekends away from my family tight because I didn’t have that into me. I see to know that I


say no,

right? Well, the sitting in the fire of saying no to a client brings up a lot of emotions, that is are difficult to deal with. Like what if they take their business away? What if they don’t respond? What if there’s no money in the bank? Like, you can go quickly down

to what if I’m homeless? I think it’s crazy the way our minds will go.

When we resist an emotion rather than into me, I see how to sit down. It’s sort of like the business Kim and Kim or the business, Atlanta and Atlanta, like we sit down, we pour a cup of tea, and we’re like, Hey, how are you feeling? really scared


say no? Okay, I get that. Tell me more. It’s like acknowledge, validate, Listen, don’t try to change really get in their shoes, have empathy, understand this parts of self that we’ve been rejecting. And then you can come into oneness, understanding, you can create a plan together, have healthier boundaries and a willingness. If that client only wants to work with me if they can use me really, if I’ll just do anything at the cost of my health, my family. Do I really want them as a client? Do

they actually value me anyways?

And that’s been certainly my journey. I would work seven days a week, totally afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make enough money to pay back all the legal bills and, and keep it together as a single mom, I would sacrifice even we could use the, the archetype prostitute prostitute my my energy, certainly not my body but that it’s that same energy, that same archetype when we give away what isn’t in alignment with our truth and our values.

Oh, absolutely. There have been times when I felt like the beck and call girl. Yeah, I’m sure I am not the only one. I’m sure there has to be at least one listener out there who just saw the parallel though between what I was just saying about being concerned about saying no to a client. Yeah, to you know, as teenagers we could. I’m I’m wondering if I should even Well, I’ve already started so I’m going to go there and worry about the boyfriend who we know what something but do we say no. Is he still going to be our boyfriend? If we say no,


We realize that a certain point that if they can’t accept no, then hopefully we’ve accepted the fact that if they can’t accept no, then they’re not good for us. Right? And the same goes for clients too. And totally. And you and I chatted a little bit before the official episode started that sex is only a minuscule part, if even a part of intimacy but there No, I brought it in. Wow, I brought it in, not you

gave the green light. But yeah, I agree that actual sexual copulation is just a small part of intimacy. intimacy is this huge umbrella that we have with ourself, we have with our body, we have with our family, our children we have with our lover we have with our business, we even have it with money, like how is your intimate relationship with money? And if we don’t do the work, as as women, as mothers, as entrepreneurs as lovers, to really look inside ourselves, I say It’s harder to be a great parent, when our teenagers start to go through the hormones and the dating, like we we want to be able to really get how hard it is to stand in your truth and be willing to be rejected, or someone not value or honor our know. But when we can do it ourselves and sit in our own fire and come to terms with our perfectly imperfect selves, we can help our kids and I remember like sitting with my son like writing out the text, you know, because that’s how they talk. They talk in text to the girl that he was starting to date, but it wasn’t quite feeling right. And he honored her and like we were just really working on that communication. And he needed my help and it was an awesome moment to just feel the discomfort and all the gross stuff and just sit in the fire and just be real. It’s awesome when we can just be all flavors of being a human and stay present and love Even our wobbly parts.

All how you were raised, because I know it’s not how I was raised, but I love having that Converse. Not that conversation, but that type of communication with my kids as well, because they know that they can come and chat with me about anything.

Wow, that’s awesome. Yes and no. I remember one time when I was 13. Like, there was one restaurant that was like the nice restaurants in town. And my mom would take my sister and I sometimes but she only took me and I’m like, Oh, I’m in trouble. What have I done? And she down with a glass of wine and like one, go turn it over and said, this

is your vagina. And I’m like,

I’m so I just sat there mortified, beep read and she gave me that kind of conversation. So she would

try to be open, be vulnerable, be honest, be truthful. But it was a one way communication. It wasn’t like a two way communication until I got a lot older and I would Just sit on the kitchen floor. I don’t know why we had like a living room and things to sit on. But we’d like to sit on the kitchen floor and have some of our deepest conversations because she started to become single. After 30 years, my dad and her split up and we were both single. We were both dealing

with contraception. We were both dealing with dating sites.

And then that the intimate it was actually internet conversation, a two way street, the giving the receiving the opening, that that that real, being seen totally naked, emotionally with another and it was exquisite, but it didn’t it took into my 30s

I can’t imagine having that conversation with my mom because it was quite the opposite.

Yeah, she

did you watch Sixteen Candles?


Right at the beginning. There’s a scene where Molly tour last time Ringwald bring walls. Yeah. Molly Ringwald walks into the shower room during gym. class and you see a lot. Let’s just put it that way. And I remember my mom was walking past as my sister and I were watching it. And she came in immediately and turned it off and said, we were never watching it again. So we never had those types of discussions. Right? I mean, there was even a, I wouldn’t even call rescue. We love The Cosby Show growing up, and there was an episode where all the guys gave birth to subs.

That was too risky.

Mom and happening, I’m sorry.

But yeah, it’s amazing how, even despite ways that we were raised, once we develop that intimacy with ourselves, we can start to see who we want to be and who we don’t want to be and we can start passing that on to our relationships with everybody else.

Yeah, I respect my dad. Now he’s dry and he’s gone into like a 12 step program where you really do look inside and forgive and clean up your messages and and learn surrender and giving it over to God so I think any any person who’s willing to grow willing to be their best willing to continue to evolve will eventually into me I see will have a look inside and my recommendation simply so that you can have more freedom more joy and also receive more joy, receive more love. It’s a two way street with intimacy and receive more money, more success, more clients that value you it’s all the same thing. Once you begin to look inside and it gets uncomfortable, remember to breathe. And remember you’re going in almost to rescue a part of you a little you that’s been hidden in the back darkest corner of your heart behind locked doors and chains waiting for you to just come in and hug them and hold them and then have a few laughs and then let go of the significance and become teammates again. It’s it’s healthy to stop avoiding or rejecting or resist Seeing these parts of ourselves into put on our big girl panties and to go in there and go, Okay, I am so sorry, I have been rejecting you and avoiding you for decades, let’s, let’s get to know each other. It’s very free.

I would love to know more about intimacy with money. What does that mean? How are you intimate with money?

Well, if we were to be in conversation, like money’s sitting over there, and we’re sitting over here, do you like Where have you been? Why aren’t there? Why are? Why did you buy more often? Why do you only come by in the nick of time? Why is it there? You know, you’re not spending enough time with me. Like, a lot of us would not really be happy with money if we didn’t have a lot of it. Or if it came and went sporadically. We might overly give ourselves away for money thinking that our own value isn’t good enough unless we have the money. There’s all sorts of interesting ways. If you were to really look at money as your best friend, that you’re not liking each other that you’ve got currently. That you’re you’re pissed. And you don’t feel that safe, welcoming. Hey, money, come and play at my party. I’d love you to come over again. It’s normally like, Well, sure. Hope you show up this time. Do you kind of hear the attitude? Sometimes we have subconsciously with money that one brought to the light, we could shift.

Oh, yeah, sort of like talking to a fair weather friend.

Yeah, exactly. And if we can, just a simple practice, if you could put 20 bucks in your wallet and never spend it and maybe 100 bucks in your wallet and never spend it. And every time you ever look in your your wallet, go, hi, money. I have money. I’m so blessed to have money. It’s so good to see you because it’s my money. Or like if you could start to just have a sort of a dorky practice like that. But the idea is we’re training ourselves to be internet connected, honest, real one, with our finances. If every time you opened up your online business statement you didn’t like contract your belly or need a deep breath to look at it but just go Hi, hi money in the bank. It’s so good to see you. I know that sounds super dorky. But like a lot of us have a lot of shame maybe we had a bankruptcy in the past, maybe we’re not sure how we’re going to feed the 357 kids, whatever it is that college. It’s, it can be very gripping experience just to open up your online banking profile. But that’s an energy and and even though I work in intimacy, and I’ve been a relationship coach for like almost 20 years. I’m also a student, nonstop student and quite a nerd when it comes to like quantum physics because I want to prove what I know intuitively and the results I get with clients. I want to prove it in science. And when I really learned that everything is energy, and everything is a vibration. And the only reason one kind of flower is different than another kind of flower at the scientific level is only a vibration. So it’s a different vibration to be scared than it is to be grateful. It’s a vibration and money. is a vibration, its energy. And so how I interact on an intimate level with money determines how easy it is for me to receive it, and frankly, how easy it is for me to be generous and time and not go oh my god, I don’t have enough What if I you know, it’s all feelings, emotions and equilibrating those emotions so we can be present and in connection with money. So I encourage you to sit down like it’s like you’re going to go for a coffee with a best friend. Sit down like you’re having a glass of wine with your lover. Open up your bank account and go Hi, how you doing? And then start to talk to the money or talk to your business like it’s a thing. Like it’s a real life thing like hey, what would be most fun for you and me to receive more money? Why would bring us delight? What would turn us on what would make us so friggin happy? Oh, working with clients this way. Oh, doing a podcast. Oh, writing a book. Oh, so that’s an energy as well. of delight, high vibration, and receptivity valuing, like our net worth, appreciation value that’s like you can use that as a monitor. So when we really are proud of what we put out there and contribute as a high vibration, then we can receive our value in the form of money. That’s the inhale and the exhale is Oh, thank you light bill. Oh, thank you Waterville. Oh, thank you college tuition for my children or thank you for a new dress for my sexy body. Like the flow returns the piece underneath the flow returns.

Oh, overdue invoices in my invoicing. So I


that money going into my account today and my credit card overall limits gonna go up so that my credit score will go up. I can feel you all coming here.

Harder down. Yeah. But don’t even

you know, like those $5 that you find hidden at the bottom of your purse that you didn’t know you had and it just, I mean, you can be 20% sometimes. Yeah. Oh, look, I love that.

It To me it makes life more delicious. I mean, we’re all going to go through our challenges, right like there’s always going to be the ups and downs the pleasures and pain. So what do I have as a through line to make me more grateful and I can be like very like sort of spiritual grateful and I can always look on the bright side but it’s sort of like intellectual for me to really embody and to feel it in all the cells of my body and to be like, be it vibrate as it I like to be more turned on I like to be more alive I like to be more juicy and grateful and see my sexy as not a manipulation or or, or something shallow or external to see to something deeply sacred deeply in my heart. I get to be a shining flower. And and that’s just how I like to live.

I find it really amazing. And I’m even going to go back to our crib. Amazing, crazy amazing

Yes, that I had.

The day I was introduced to the law of attraction, I realized, and if by chance he’s listening, as I mentioned to you before, like my ex husband and I have a better relationship now than we ever did when we were married. But it was a really bad point for us. And I remember that day he came home and I was smiling because I had done so much research over the day, and I realized I had the right to make myself happy. Yeah, I did it. And so I saw that as far as men were concerned. You know, I decided that from there on out, I had a right to decide who I was with. And if they didn’t meet my standards, then I didn’t need them in my life, but I was only looking at it. From the the dating and marriage side, but I never thought about it until this conversation how that can so pull into my business as well. No client has the right to impact how I feel. And I can choose which clients I work with. And I can just when I work with them,

yes. And

you have just

opened up a big door of into me I see for my business. Seriously. Wow, those two outstanding invoices. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen any longer after today. Because it doesn’t, I don’t need to let it and that’s not me being I hate the word bitch. But seriously, I have the right to say that you either pay your retainer, or I’m not doing any more work.

Right, right. Oh, I have an assignment then for all of us that resist our inner bitch, like go into your heart, or wherever you think she’s hanging out and get to know her because there are times of course when it’s inappropriate or unkind, I get that. But there are also times when it’s actually kind to be a bitch. But I wouldn’t even call it like a negative sort of condescending way but like it’s there’s a value to to standing up for ourselves. There’s a value to having healthy boundaries, people respect us, we attract people that value us it is everything has a pro and a con or in positive and negative or you can look at everything from two points of view. So like the posture of a queen, and Goddess, she would, she would say, Oh, sure, you don’t have to pay me Sure. I’ll just give you that field. You can just, you know, sure. You know, I’ll just put the drawbridge down. Come on and take all the food in that in the pantry. It’s no big. No, she has like standards, like if this whole queendom is going to thrive. She has certain standards and some people who might not want to, you know, show up or take responsibility or do their own work will project their unkindness in your pitch. And our job is to go home and receive that. And just look at that go. Oh, like sit in the fire? Oh, am I really being unkind? No. Am I know they’re just upset that I have some boundaries, that’s okay. And then it’s sort of like, you can’t really see me but I’m like, I receive it. And then I put it beside me when y’all quit y’all. Like if we don’t have to resist anything and we can receive everybody’s comments, the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it and just hold it in our hands. If it’s something that serves us, keep it if it’s not quite y’all just put it down.

During that, I’m using that.

Keep your heart open, move forward, honor yourself receive.

Well, even my kids pediatrician, office, I mean they have signs on the wall now that says if you don’t have insurance, then you won’t be seen If you don’t pay your retainer, you won’t be supported if you don’t respect me as a person. Hello, I don’t have time. Yeah. Yeah, where else? Oh, y’all. I love

y’all. And I think that’s important as we grow and evolve as women on the planet. You know, we’ve gone through all these different stages of, you know, staying home to them, you know, working as the CEO and we’re all finding what’s true for us, right? We have the vote, you know, things are improving, but I think there’s still a bit of a, if a woman gets angry, she’s hysterical. Or if a woman gets emotional, she’s, you know, like criminally crazy, amazing, amazing. Like there’s judgment when we stand up for ourselves. And I and I think it’s really part of our evolution to come to terms with what it would feel like to be a queen. A Queen will not put up with BS. She won’t overreaction will get hysterical she Just look at you. That’s all it takes is a look, a tsunami look and make a Grand Canyon. Look, just, I’m sure you could do that with your kids, right? Can you just like, Don’t even think about it. It’s just a look. You don’t have to overreact, but really own all the flavors of the feminine. I mean, the mother will, mother bear will kill for her child. There’s a fierceness in us. That’s beautiful. And there’s also a tenderness in us that’s just as valuable and beautiful. We are the breadth of all these incredible elements and flavors of the feminine and to have an intimate relationship with all of your flavors. You’re naughty, you’re sexy, you’re dorky, you’re you’re Goofy, you’re sensual, you’re tender, you’re bold, you’re soft, all of it. Get to know and love

all of it. In our pre chat, we talked about this and I wouldn’t normally say this. But Alanna has a seven part training. I had no idea how to segue into it. And this is me just being totally transparent but you just opened up the door wide open. Seven part training vulnerability is the new sexy. There you go.


I can see how it like, how it totally plays into what you were just saying now. Can you talk about that training a little bit so we can entice me now? Like this is not who I’ve been listening to for 150 something episodes Oh, by the way, listeners before Alanna shares details about the training. You can find all the Show Notes for this episode at thekimsutton.com/pp154.

Awesome. Thank you. Yeah, actually, I got shivers as soon as you were saying that like I really felt that you are getting it to like I’m even opening doors for you. So thank you for this beautiful opportunity.

So sorry, can I just interject one thing? Yeah. No staples easy button that you can Yeah, I wanna I want to hire you. But my desk

let’s go into production let’s get them made and that’ll be our new stream of income to let all women go.

Seriously and I have a team member or two that I know would love as well. We’re just going to have my needs to be turquoise, but it will be the easy button here on my desk. You hear me hitting my desk. I never do that during the episode. Oh my gosh, I need it.

Well, at least your chair hasn’t made noises so it’s all good.

Yeah, listeners, my chair makes farting noises into the next blooper reel to hear that.

Okay, so so basically vulnerability, I believe has got a bad rap. Like it’s makes you comfortable or someone can take advantage of you or someone can reject you. So we need to keep up these horrible things. walls to protect ourselves because we’re so broken. And that’s all BS. You are unbreakable. You are limitless. You are everything, as we said, from soft to bold, and it’s in your openness that allows you to connect with your intuition, your intelligence, the present moment, your healthy boundaries, that pre verbal Aha, that lets us know whether a lover a client, a situation is is a contribution to us or not. And so yes, it takes courage. I will definitely say it takes courage, but it is your greatest power. And frankly, when you really look around the world, the sexiest people are available. They don’t have these walls up. You can get in there with them. And they also are respectable. Like we just said, Why y’all like if you throw some judgment at them, they’re like, if you don’t think I’m a great cook, fine. I don’t care who y’all who cares whether there’s Bert mac and cheese doesn’t matter, right like you don’t take it on. The vulnerable people are actually the sexy, irresistible people. So yes, there’s a seven part training absolutely complimentary on my website Elana pratt.com. And I would love to take you through to the other side so that you’re even more free more open. feeling more delicious and at peace with who you are.

Okay about being this isn’t being vulnerable. This is being transparent. I guess it depends on how you say banana.

Thinking banana, the whole

new yorker and me coming out like a tomato tomato. Oh my goodness. I don’t know if that would be blooper reel or what? But hey, listeners, that’s me being real. Now, we seriously need to look into getting the high your button produce listeners check back. Seriously. I’m gonna have my squirrel after this episode and open there’s the dog too. I’m going to have my squirrel After this episode and look into how to get a button produced for desk set, and yeah lno you know,

I love it I totally love it and I really want to acknowledge you can I think you’re one of the most vulnerable transparent honest truthful hysterical. Why is just put it out there women in the podcast world I love your energy. It’s very it allows me to be more me. So thank you.

Oh, you are so welcome and thank you as well. Where can listeners find you online and connect and and how can you work with listeners to help them get more of the high you’re in the into me I seize in their life?

Oh, well, my website as I said Alana Pratt comm please enjoy that complimentary training there. And when you do, you’ll be invited into my world and receive my newsletters and you can go to YouTube. I’ve got videos all the time. I’m a feature contributor on a lot of different sites. And also send your guys send your husbands or boyfriends I do work for for men as well. The site is called get her to say yes. And between you and me, that is really the opening of her heart, and her soul. And of course, as we said, I’m an intimacy expert. So of course, it’s also about sex as well. But sex is so much more amazing when our hearts are connected in a sacred way. So that’s the work I do with guys.

Kim Sutton:  That’s incredible. Thank you so much again for joining us here today. Do you have any closing thoughts that you have loved to offer to the listeners?

Allana Pratt: Hmm, I love the statement. When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy. And really what that takes is not just like an a new purse, or a glass of wine at the end of the day. That’s all awesome.

Allana Pratt:  But really, when mom is happy with all of her parts on the inside, she’s okay with her bitch. She’s okay with herself and if she’s okay with where the bank account is, she’s okay with wherever the size of her bus, or the size of her bank account, just like all parts of her like high, it’s just totally high. That is when Mama’s happy so to do our own inner work, so that we can more easily navigate the challenges of mom partnership, etc. If you could just fall madly in love with you exactly the way you are.