PP 312: Eamon Rooney, Business and Executive Coach from Business Pathfinder

Eamon graduated from college with an engineering degree, however within a week of entering the workforce, he discovered he didn’t want to be an engineer. After being introduced to the coaching industry he realized the path he was supposed to be on and set out on it.

Listen as we chat about the mistakes we’ve made in our businesses, relationship dynamics in life and business, the impact of a positive attitude, and more!

00:53 — Eamon shares his career transition
07:34 — “We all have our struggles, and the one that we’re working on, is the one that we tend to – want share with the world the most” ~ Eamon Rooney
11:46 — Eamon’s thoughts about sharing VS. guiding in the coaching process
19:27 — Eamon express his views on the “tedious” part of business
24:08 — Eamon talks about his mentors
33:25 — How does Eamon preserve his ideas?
39:28 — Eamon talks about multiple tasks and how “discipline” help “focus”

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Episode Transcription

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