PP536: The Right Way to Ride Our Entrepreneurial Horse with Jarrod Haning

“If your life is calling you to do something greater, then your responsibility is to not do it, but rather cause it to happen.”

Jarrod Haning is a serial entrepreneur, whose experience taught him the critical skills and mindset needed to take a business from suffering to successful. Listen as Jarrod shares a boatload of golden nuggets!

Jarrod’s entrepreneurial journey
9:00 “I was switching horses because I thought there was something wrong with my horse.”
10:10 “Stop working 1-on-1”
14:00 “Grow happens when they’re doing it, not when you’re talking about it.”
20:15 I’ve been riding my horse upside-down and backwards
22:12 “Are you determined to find a way? Or are you determined to find a reason why you can’t but others can?”
23:20 Jarrod shifts again… And how/why it happened
29:40 “Being focused on getting things done doesn’t cause things to get done.”
31:53 “You cannot solve a bad solve a bad strategy with stubbornness.”
34:53 The fire chief analogy
47:48 “If I’m doing the work, my company’s falling behind.”


Episode Transcription

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