Why Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working


As a marketing automation expert working with business and life coaches, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to email marketing campaigns. As such, I have become familiar with what works, and what doesn’t

In this video, I share one of the top reasons I see email marketing campaigns fail, and how you can fix it!

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Episode 005 of the Positive Productivity Podcast (where I talk about the incident with my cats)


Welcome to Feel Good Funnel Fridays!

I want to know today if you ever feel like your email marketing just isn’t doing anything for you.

But, let’s back up a question before we even answer that one.

I would love for you to post down below in the comments, how many times a month you are emailing your list.

Did you know that the most successful online entrepreneurs email their list multiple times a week? And, when I say that they email their list multiple times a week, I am not talking about sales promotions. I am talking about content that is value driven, that provides insight and knowledge, and the person’s own experience to their community members.

It’s so frustrating working with business and life coaches, and seeing what other business, business and life coaches are doing. Where, outside of the people that I’m working with are continually just treating their list like a bad first date.

In earlier videos — and you can go back and watch any of them, they’re here on my page or they’re on my channel depending on where you’re watching them from — in so many instances, somebody signs up for a freebie on a website or through a webinar, or through Facebook Live, and they receive their freebie and all of a sudden, bang, bang, bang, right away in their inbox, “Buy my product“, “Buy my product“, “Buy my product“.

It’s like, “Hold on a second. It’s obviously a bad first date. I don’t know a thing about you. I have no reason to trust you yet. How can you expect Me to fork over my money.”

There’s way too much going on like that.

On the flip side, even if they’re not selling right away, I also see too much inauthenticity.

Inauthenticity? Is that the right word? Fakeness. In emails, I see people trying to pretend that there’s something that they’re not.

They must have an ego problem, or must doubt their own abilities because they’re saying things that just aren’t true. They are saying that they’re working three days a week when they’re actually working seven.

Oh, I got this far this fast.” “I have this huge house or all these fancy cars.

You know what? We can’t see behind the scenes of what’s going on in the business. But, what we do hear, is the boasting.

And, I’ll tell you that in my experience, the boasting is not helping our audience.

Yes, to some it might be inspiring. But to others, it just brings on more comparison-itis.

Why aren’t I that far?

What am I not doing that this person is doing?

Why can they get through this fast and I can’t.

So what if we stop pretending just for a few minutes — Not for a few minutes… FOREVER! — in our emails, and let our list, let our community see the real us.

Just to give you an idea, I have gotten the best responses from my emails where I talk about the first ever interview that I had for a client after I started my business.

I had cleaned up the room behind me — I was in,  we were in an old apartment — and the living room was right behind me.

It was a Skype call. I thought that the only way that we could do Skype calls was video. I did not realize that we can do audio only. I had cleaned up the room so much. While the prospective client was talking, talking, talking, talking, all of a sudden, up here over my shoulder, in view that I can see on Skype, I see my male cat and my female cat going at it — and I don’t mean fighting.

Right over my shoulder.

But I pushed through that call. I didn’t bring any attention to it. I didn’t say anything to the guy. He just kept on talking. The cats finished doing their thing. They left the view of the camera, and I got that client.

And I’ve shared stories like this with my tribe. And they respond because so often we can get wrapped up in these ridiculous things that happen every day, but we forget that other people have ridiculous things that happen every day, too.

Just last night, I was trying to work — and I wouldn’t normally share things like this — but one of my little kids farted really loud.

And, remember, I’m trying to work.

And my husband said something about how that fart was bigger than another kid’s for when that kid blows into his arm. You know, like the sounds, I can’t do it. I don’t want to do it. I’m not going to give you that example.

So, for the next half hour, the other two kids were trying to outdo each other in elbow farts. And I’m trying my hardest to ignore that insanity and push through the project that I was working on.

Stories like this are way the Purposeful Parentpreneur brand is going to be started later this year. If you haven’t heard about it, just stay tuned. But it’s stories like this.

They connect me and my co-founders with the members of community.

It’s stories like having our water turned off because our business was going through a rough time that connect me with other entrepreneurs.

And, it’s by sharing stories like this in my emails, instead of trying to pretend that everything has been smooth sailing and perfect, that Connect me to my tribe.

It’s what keeps them reading over and over again.

It’s what keeps them around, because I’m not trying to be fake.

I’m not trying to be something that I’m not I’m not trying to be somebody that I’m not anymore. I just need to put that out there. For years… For the first couple years of my business, I was trying to be somebody that I wasn’t. With that said, because I wasn’t somebody that I wasn’t, I felt like I wasn’t enough.

I had chronic not enough-ness so I was never emailing my list.

I didn’t think that there was enough substance behind me and my story and my values and what I do to share my message with my list.

Let me tell you, dear friend, that there is enough.

You are enough.

You have substance and content for days and weeks and years that you can be sharing with your community. So never ever hesitate about whether or not you have content.

When you stop trying to be perfect when you stop trying to be somebody that you’re not, you will have content forever and your community will eat it up.

They will get in line for the next email. They’ll wonder why you haven’t sent another one out.

I was really scared to start sending out regular emails to my list. And now I’m not only just sending out regular but my list is getting emails at least four days a week.

Do I get unsubscribes? Yes, I do every single time I send out an email and that is okay.

Those people are not, they’re just not ready to be a part of my community. And I’m going to say “not ready.”

I’m not… I’m not going to say that they are not meant to be part of my community. Maybe they’re just not ready.

Now, I’ll tell you that there have been times that my husband has told me advice and I have ignored him because I thought I knew better.

And, maybe three years later down the road, somebody else tells me advice, or four more people tell me the same advice, and I go and implement and it works perfect. But at the time that he told me four years ago, I wasn’t ready.

And that could be where your unsubscribers are. too.

They’re just not ready for you yet.

But if you don’t shine your light, if you don’t show your true self, your subscribers are going to feel it.

Your unsubscribes are going to be a lot more.

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I’m Kim Sutton, I’m the host of the Positive Productivity podcast and it is my mission to help entrepreneurs get out of overwhelm. And, I would love to hear how this has helped you.

A lot of the overwhelm, I have learned, has… Has been relieved in my own life in business by just embracing me. By being me. And I know that if you are overwhelmed, the same might be the case for you.

So, let me know how this video helps you. Leave a comment down below.

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