PP 665: How to be Healthy Productive with Dr. Anthony G. Beck

Kim and Dr. Anthony G. Beck reveal the secret to true productivity. If stress, anxiety, or depression is getting the best of you, listen as Dr. Beck discusses 4 factors you need to consider before you resort to medication. Also, find out how to determine which diet is best for you, why exercise and play is crucial to being functional, and what misconceptions about health have misled most people for so long.

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PP 664: The Ultimate Way to Happiness Amy Dix

In this episode, Kim and Amy Dix, 2-time bestselling author, share the ultimate way to happiness. Amy talks about the realistic view of happiness and sadness, being authentic in an unauthentic world, the importance of rest, and the advantage and disadvantage of automation. You’ll also hear tips and wisdom to keep your focus, keep track of expenses, cut off unnecessary losses, and in giving yourself grace.

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