PP 350: Kristiina Miller, Founder and Owner of Garage of Blessings

“Nothing is unbelievable any more.”

In 2012, Kristiina found herself unhappily working in a J-O-B. She turned to God for answers, and received the one she least expected….

QUIT (your job).

Listen to hear how the Garage of Blessings started, and where it has grown to today!

As the host of the Positive Productivity podcast, I can tell you that every, single guest has provided me with insight and information I needed to hear.

This episode was no different, but I will tell you that it was recorded on one of my most difficult days since launching the podcast in 2016. Kristiina’s message touched me so deeply, that while she was talking, I was on mute, sobbing. (Listen for my sniffles… you will hear them).

Following our recorded conversation, Kristiina and I chatted a little longer, and she provided me exactly the advice I needed, right then…

“Be still and listen.”

And so I did.

By the end of that day, the extreme stress that was wrecking havoc on me and my family was taken care of.

Thank you, Kristiina, for all you did for me and my family, and all you do for thousands of people.

03:47 Matthew 6
06:35 Kristiina quits her job
10:35 Organized chaos
16:42 How Garage of Blessings got its name
18:15 Being blunt with God
19:28 Blessings start coming in for the Garage of Blessings

'Nothing is unbelievable anymore.' ~Kristiina Miller of @GarageBlessings. Listen as Kristiina and @thekimsutton chat about blessings big and small, and how listening to God can take us beyond our wildest dreams: https://www.thekimsutton.com/pp350Click To Tweet

Episode Transcription

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