The Financial Roller Coaster

The Financial Roller Coaster ride is one nobody enjoys. Are you ready to exit the ride — for good? Read to learn why I have taken the ride, and a few of pieces of advice on how to slow down, if not stop the ride altogether.

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Daily Stresslists

How long is your daily to-do list? Is it, short, effective and to the point? Or do you create daily stresslists, full of too many tasks?

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Impact Over Income

The past year has been the most fulfilling ever in my business, despite being far from the most lucrative.


I’ve changed my mindset to focus on making an impact over income.

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Avoiding the Upsell

Recently I’ve been trying to utilize systems in my personal and professional life to conserve time, energy and money. I’ve realized that pre-planning purchases is my key to avoiding the upsell and preventing unintentional spending.

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