PP 341: What Do You Do — From a First Grader’s Perspective?

Are you able to explain what you do to people in a way they understand? Or do you sound like a doctor using words with too many syllables?

In this episode, I explain what I do (build marketing funnels) in a way I hope all listeners understand, and encourage you to find a way to do the same for what you do as well.

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PP 339: Carve Out Time to Do What YOU Do Best

Have you noticed in your personal or professional life that there are activities that when YOU do them take considerably more or less time and effort than when you outsource?

I have!

Listen as I share a couple of my own personal experiences, and my advice for planning your time appropriately.

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PP 338: Moneeka Sawyer, The Blissful Millionaire from BlissfulInvestor.com

In this episode, Moneeka Sawyer shows just how important pushing forward through adversity is. Aftre suffering severe depression due to discrimination, Moneeka was introduced to tools and strategies that allowed her to attract and keep joy in her life. Listen to hear how she has turned joy into money — and is teaching others to do the same!

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PP 337: Morning Hack #2 – Bagged Clothes

As a mom of five with three ages four and younger, I’ve learned to be creative when it comes to getting my kids ready and out the door in the morning. Listen as I share another of my morning hacks, bagged clothes.

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PP 335: Morning Hack #1 – Beat the Coffee

As a mom of five with three ages four and younger, I’ve learned to be creative when it comes to getting my kids ready and out the door in the morning. Listen as I share one of my newest morning hacks, “Beat the Coffee.”

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PP 333: My Morning Motivation Playlist

The first quarter of 2018 found me once again chasing income, growing frustrated by missing goals. Then I realized why. My motivation and focus were being were straying from the impact I truly want to make.

Listen to hear how music is helping me turn it all around!

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PP 329: Showing Our True Colors

Are you going to events and presenting yourself on social media as an alternate version of yourself? If so, stop it! It’s time that we, as entrepreneurs, start showing our true colors and stop worrying about other peoples expectations!

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PP 327: Over-Packing

As I prepare to leave for the April 2018 New Media Summit, I realize I have a problem with over-packing… And it extends beyond my suitcase. Tune in to hear what I mean, and how many entrepreneurs face the same struggle!

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PP 326: Jenny Eden Berk, Founder of Jenny Eden Coaching

Jenny was in health education for 13 years when she left to start her coaching practice. She now helps people heal their relationship with food.

Listen as we chat about lazy food, food triggers, motherhood, making time for self-care and more!

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PP 325: Counting Our Chickens Before They Hatch

The boundary between being an optimistic and having big dreams and being a realistic and knowing our limits can sometimes be blurry and baffling. Listen as I discuss why we NEED to keep counting our chickens before they hatch!

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PP 323: The Last Word vs The Last Laugh

Sometimes it can be hard to not respond to emails, text messages or other communication, especially when the conversation is heated. However… Many times we can be the bigger person when we have the last laugh vs. the last word. Listen to hear my thoughts.

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