PP 376: Rennie Gabriel, Author and President of The Financial Coach Inc.

“Wealth is a team sport, not a solo sport.”

Rennie Gabriel is an extremely successful entrepreneur who started from scratch at age 50 after facing failure, and climbed his way to the top 1%. We discuss how he made it back up from the bottom, and how crucial it is to have partners that you can rely on in order to find your success.

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PP 375: Be Your Own Version of Bilbao

Bilbao is an incredibly unique museum in Spain that no other building really compares to. I encourage you to seek out how you can be true to you, and stand out against other people around you, rather than trying to be just like them.

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PP 374: Mimika Cooney, Author

“If you don’t have your motivation in the right place, it’s not going to take you where you want to go.”

Mimika Cooney has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16, and recently published her book Worrier to Warrior. Join us while we discuss the importance of taking care of yourself, and striving to do what you want to do in order to be happy.

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PP 373: Stop Fencing Yourself In

On Memorial Day, I found myself worrying once again, this time about the fence panels in our backyard because of an upcoming house appraisal. Little did I know a utility pole fire would burn my problem away for me.

Tune in to hear my story about how the universe came to help me with the problem in my backyard.

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PP 372: Jim Padilla, Sales Leader from Gain The Edge

“Don’t focus on the problem, focus on what’s on the other side of the problem.”

Jim’s personal experiences and struggles, even from a young age, have molded the way he interacts with not only his clients, but also the people around him. During our chat we dial in on how to overcome your personal demons, and create meaningful connections with those you want to have an impact on.

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PP 371: The 2018 14-Week Summer Challenge

Most goal setting programs I’ve ever seen/participated in track in 90-day segments, or just about three months. As we’re going into the summer in the United States, I realized that the time from Memorial Day to Labor Day is just over that.

Listen as I share my Summer 2018 personal challenge, and invite you to share your own!

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PP 368 Iain Grae, Serial Entrepreneur

“That’s how I make those decisions. I look to see how it’s going to impact my life.”

Iain’s story starts when he bought his very first motorcross bike at only 11 years old.

Join us as we discuss how to change your mindset in order to find your path to success.

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PP 366: Emerald Greenforest, Empress of Creative Age of Consulting Group and Hostess of the MEN ON PURPOSE Podcast

“When we’re isolated, we’re really putting a limit on what’s possible.”

Emerald Greenforest started out as the Empress of Empowerment for women a decade ago, and transitioned into being the Empress of Encouragement for men after a business meltdown two years ago. Join us as we discuss the importance of collaboration and investment to achieve lifelong success.

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PP 365: Are You Priming Your Masterpiece?

Sometimes we should look to the great architects, artists and engineers for lessons as we build our business, and in this episode, I do just that.

Are you priming your masterpiece? Listen to hear what I mean.

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PP 364: Sylvia Becker-Hill, Founder of Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School

“The next phase of evolution will be true partnership between men and women.”

Sylvia Becker-Hill grew up in Germany, where she felt held down by the world around her, pushing her towards her career of empowering women to live to their fullest potential in a patriarchal world.

Listen in as we discuss the dissolving of gender roles and embracing yourself in order to succeed.

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PP 362: Amy Schuber, Life and Business Coach and Inspired Conversations Podcast Host

“Be careful what you ask for because it’s gonna come in the most mysterious miraculous ways, and it doesn’t always feel good.”

Amy is a life and business coach, and host of her own podcast, who speaks with me today to discuss her journey of self-discovery. Join us as we explore how taking new chances and opening our eyes to the opportunities around us can lead to your best life.

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PP 361: Scrambled

A hungry stomach and a carton of eggs inspired this episode. Is your business scrambled? Listen to hear how we need to incorporate the right ingredients to allow our businesses and ourselves THRIVE!

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PP 360: Robb Holman, CEO and Founder of Holman International

“There’s always an opportunity for us to lift our head and begin to have a higher purpose.”

Robb was a high school and collegiate athlete when an unexpected health issue sidelined him. Miraculously healed, he realized he needed to shift his purpose.

Listen as Robb and I chat about our purpose, serving others, authenticity, self-discovery and more!

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PP 359: Stop Selling and Start Communicating

Perhaps it’s just because I’m a talker and I love a good conversation, but with every new email that hits my inbox, I detest people who sell to me via cold emails.

Listen as I share my feelings on how we should stop selling and start communicating.

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PP 358: Anthony Treas, Men’s Health and Brain Performance Coach from S.T.R.O.N.G. Men Coaching

“What is wealth, without the health to enjoy it?”

Anthony is an Iraqi War Veteran who found himself struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression and sense of purpose after leaving the service. Through his journey, he discovered his mission is to inspire men to reclaim their health, sense of adventure and purpose.

Listen as we chat about PTSD, anxiety, depression, men’s health and overcoming struggles.

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PP 357: The Reward System

Recently I’ve realized that my workaholism has taken hold of my life… again. However…

I also know I have an addictive personality, and I tend to get sucked into ANYTHING I do.

Listen to hear how I am combating my workaholism by rewarding myself with other activities.

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