PP 500: Tom Kulzer, CEO & Founder of AWeber

“Growth happens in the uncomfortable zones. Try to do something regularly that scares you a little bit and you will grow a little bit each day as a result.”

From working for a hardware company selling wireless modems, to developing a small program with an email sequence, Tom Kulzer, CEO and Founder of AWeber, now helps about a hundred thousand small business customers send out their email campaigns, automations, and funnel set ups. Join Kim as she and Tom discuss spam mail, benefits of Standard Operating Procedures, and how it’s beneficial to take some time away from the business.

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PP 498: Mary Ann Robbat, Director & Founder of the Center of Lifelong Happiness

“Decide who and how you want to be in life. And then go after it.”

Mary Ann Robbat, Director & Founder of the Center of Lifelong Happiness, was empathetic and intuitive at very young age. While working in Corporate America, she pushed aside her intuitions until someone asked her when she was going to start using her real gifts. Listen in to this nugget filled conversation with Kim and Mary Ann as she shares her transformation into the coach she is today, we can choose our story, and three simple steps to bring yourself back to center.

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PP 496: Devin Galaudet, Author

“None of it’s personal.”

Devin Galaudet is an author and an avid traveler. At a young age he was told by a teacher to give up writing and spend more time in woodshop. Fortunately, he never gave up on his dream. Now he is a travel journalist and has visited 85 different countries! Join Kim and Devin on part one of their light hearted conversation discussing his history with his father, his favorite places he’s visited, and where he is headed next.

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PP 494: Matt East, Owner of Matt East & Company

“I love feeling like I am in control of my destiny and I’m not reporting up to a boss. I am the luckiest person in the world for what I get to do every day.”

Matt East, Owner of Matt East & Company, has been living his best year of his life yet! He enjoys working one on one with his clients to help them get clarity in their direction, creates massive goals, and designs plans to achieve them. Listen as Kim and Matt have a relaxed back and forth dialog discussing which podcasts they listen to, what they miss about Corporate America, and why knowing your “why” is so important.

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PP 492: James Sudakow, Principal of CH Consulting

“Work life balance is obtainable. The most important thing I have found is the willingness to prioritize, maybe more important than that is to accept the implications of that prioritization.”

James Sudakow, the Principal of CH Consulting, thought that his business would be a one year experiment and then he would return to Corporate America. Nearly ten years later, he has written multiple books and put his own words into action in his business. Listen in as James shares with Kim his realization of his need to give up growing his business, figuring out your boundaries and sticking to them, and how documenting a day in a life can help you manage your life and work balance.

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PP 490: Jacob Baadsgaard, Founder and CEO of Disruptive Advertising

“It’s not about when, it’s about how we get there. Then I think we can all enjoy the journey a lot more.”

After graduating from college Jacob Baadsgaard helped Fortune 500 Companies track analytics. While digging through data and sorting through common mistakes, he had his “Aha” moment. He decided to teach companies how to be smart with their money and help them with their marketing data. Tune in as Kim and Jacob discuss some common mistakes he has found companies make, big hurdles and how to get over them, and his number one question when interviewing.

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PP 489: Share your SOP Story

Do you have SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) set up in your business? Or is the person who performs a task the only person who knows how to complete it? Tune in to hear my thoughts!

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PP 488: Jim Palmer, Owner of Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind

“It’s not about what you do, it’s not about the deliverable. You will earn significantly more income for who you are, not what you do.”

Jim Palmer, owner of Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind, found himself climbing the corporate ladder back in the early 2000’s while working as a VP in marketing. Eventually, his position was eliminated. While off for a year due to unemployment, he received news that he had cancer. Nowadays, you will find Jim working his dream business from his 50 foot home on the water. Listen in as Kim and Jim discuss his multiple successful businesses, how he does it from his floating home, and the concept of the mule and the magician.

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PP 486: Jody Holmes, Coach from Essential Education Centre

“I want to help people get involved and participate in creating healthier, cleaner and safer communities.”

Jody Holmes is a Coach from Essential Education Center and has a strong passion for environmental protection and the importance of it. Connection with nature can be therapeutic for mind, body, and soul. Join Kim and Jody as they discuss the importance of living in the now, enjoying silence, and rooftop gardens.

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PP 484: Pradeepa Narayanaswamy, Fertility and Life Coach

“Take control of your infertility struggles. Infertility should not own you. You do not have to be a victim of your infertility.”

Battling her own 11 long and trying years of infertility has allowed Pradeepa to find her purpose in life: to help men, women, and couples get through their infertility and make it suck less. Join Kim as Pradeepa shares her agonizing battle with infertility, the light at the end of the tunnel for her and her husband, and how she is able to help so many others with their own battles of infertility.

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PP 482: Destinee Berman, Launch Strategist

“I have to say that I use intuition everyday…yes, you have to take the experience and education in mind, but really I am using it everyday.”

For the last 19 years, Destinee Berman- Launch Strategist, has been a marketer in the Silicon Valley area. Four years ago she had an intuitive breakthrough to help healers and spiritual business owners use online marketing to get their word out to other people. Join Kim as Destinee shares about the power of intuition and how it can be used every day, sometimes less is more, and her baby: Launch Your Calling.

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PP 480: Amy Smith, Confidence Coach from thejoyjunkie.com

“Constantly putting everybody in front of yourself is poison disguised as nobility.”

Growing up in a very religious family, Amy Smith, Certified Confidence Coach of The Joy Junkie, realized after the death of her father and her own personal experiences of learning to speak up, that she wanted to teach others to find their voice and speak up for themselves. Join Kim as Amy shares the importance of the belief in your own value, allowing yourself the freedom to feel what you feel and how to express your feelings in a healthy way!

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PP 478: Matthew Dicks, Author, Teacher and Storyteller

“I spend my life asking people to tell me stories. As a result I get to hear stories and I get to be reminded about my own stories. So if you can just be a person who makes space for others to speak, I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

Matthew Dicks is first a father of two and a husband, followed by an elementary school teacher for 20 years, a writer and novelist, and also a storyteller. Join Kim as Matthew shares with her some pointers he teaches in his classes on storytelling, how he always makes time for his children, and how he occasionally lets his inner kid’s dreams come true.

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PP 476: Kim Trosper, Corporate Trainer and Women’s Empowerment Coach

“Remember that you are worthy. You are worthy to have, you are worthy to be, you are worthy to do whatever you want in your life. And to remember love YOU first.”

Kim Trosper, who is a Corporate Trainer and Empowerment Coach, was told when she was young that children were to be seen but not heard and that she was selfish; this stuck with her. In her 20’s she volunteered, worked with homeless, and became a foster parent. Eventually she adopted two children and had one biological child. Kim shares that after many years filled with major challenges, due to the mental health of one of her adoptive children, she had to make a very difficult decision. Listen in as Kim Trosper opens up to Kim about her incredible journey, how her work transitioned into coaching, and how she was deemed “Queen of Stinkin Thinkin”.

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PP 474: Victoria Mavis, Magician, Podcast Host and Author

“I wanted to inspire people with magic and teach how magicians think. The magician’s mindset is all about making the impossible possible in your own life and being productive with it.”

At the age of four Victoria Mavis had her first contact with magic. On her seventh birthday she received her first magic set and performed her first stage show. Now, a world known magician, podcast host and author, Victoria shares with Kim about the art of improvising, clearing out your mind with meditation, and the magic behind podcasting.

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PP 472: Amani Roberts, Chief Musical Curator of The Amani Experience

So if you go for it and you have persistence and resilience and surround yourself with a tribe of people I think that either the short term or long term you will be successful.”

Amani Robert, the Chief Musical Curator from The Amani Experience, knew for a long time that he wanted to become a DJ before actually starting his own business and pursuing his dream. In the meantime he finished school and joined Corporate America and worked for Marriott at many different locations. During his corporate journey he had the opportunity to watch and take notes on DJ’s wherever he happened to be located. After moving to California he finally took the plunge and started his business on the side and now is a full time DJ, music producer, and professor. Listen in as Amani joins Kim to discuss his biggest lesson learned, you can do a lot but you can’t do it all, and what DJing as a profession is like!

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