PP557: Saving Sanity Systems with Natasha Vorompiova

Natasha Vorompiova found herself at a crossroads after moving to a new country with an infant, and decided to give entrepreneurship a shot. In the years since, she’s transformed her organizational skills into a sanity saving service for small business owners.

Listen as Natasha and Kim dive deep into one of the pillars of Positive Productivity… Systems!

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PP547: Getting Caught Up in Our Cinderella Tale

As we work to grow, it’s important to be mindful about the circumstances which may hold us back. Listen as Kim shares a few ways she’s been caught up in her own Cinderella tale, and how you can prevent the same.

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PP 532: Yoga Like Never Before with Shanthi Yogini

“Yogaha is the science of how to live right. It is very important to incorporate it in every aspect of our life.” -Shanthi Yogini

The vital question: What really is Yoga? Many are aware of what Yoga is but only a few understand what it really is or how it should be done. Today’s interview with Yoga Teacher-Trainer and #1 International Best-Selling Author, Shanthi Yogini will bring us back to the authenticity of Yoga and how we can all benefit from it.

Started out as a software engineer,Shanthi Yogini was giving back as much to the society. But realizing that she neglected giving back to herself, she made a life-changing decision. So for today’s lesson: Yoga101. Empty your vessels as you learn Yoga in its purest form. Also, as a sweet treat, join our very own host, Kim Sutton as she attends her first-ever Yoga class!

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PP 529: My Life, My Happiness with Belkis Clarke-Mitcham

“Life is too short for you to live in the shadows. We were created by light … Do not give the power of your light. Claim it for yourself!”- Belkis Clarke-Mitcham

Life is marked with so much pain that it became a normal part of living. But how can we choose to be happy amidst all of these? Kim interviews Belkis Clarke, a Spiritual Life coach and a Motivational Teacher.

Robbed out of her childhood innocence by abusive people, Belkis struggled with a load of negative emotions while growing up. Suicidal attempts were her way out until she came to the realization of transforming her own life on the basis of her worth. Today, she is geared by her own experiences and passion to help others hold on to their own happiness. As their discussion goes on, Kim as well, shared her own life lessons and was able to find out what she wants to be as a speaker.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how you can break away from the chains of traumatic events in your life. Stay till the end and learn how you can get your free gift from our guest Belkis Clarke!

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PP 525: The Importance Of Going from A to B with Raquel Gonzales

“I wish I had a bunch of cool things to say, except for “don’t give up”…EVER”

Raquel Gonzales or R.G. Chandler is the author of “Surviving Xcarion”, a science fiction novel telling the story a fictional character named Rheannon Neves. Despite coming from an abusive family where nobody graduated high school and a town made up mostly of drug addicts, Raquel has set the bar higher for herself and her children. She is a single mom raising 2 kids in the better Bay area and she is now a writer and an executive assistant.

In this thought-provoking one on one, Raquel details her journey about going through hell and back. From her dark beginnings to making sure she and her kids got educated and then writing a book, Raquel has one heck of a story to tell. She is such an inspiration to people who think their lives are hopeless.

An honest take on her life, Raquel shows her strength despite being diagnosed with cancer and PSTD; she is moving forward and is never ever giving up.

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PP 519: A Candid Conversation About My Current Struggle with Anxiety

“Nothing is stopping me, and nothing should stop you either…You can do this…Never ever give up”

In her most transparent and real episode, Kim comes clean about the reason for cutting back to 2 episodes a week.

Here she details her issues with anxiety, how it has affected her work and family life, and how she has been dealing with it. She also candidly talks about how CBD oil has helped in her journey.

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