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Kim Sutton April 2023


How much stress does your business cause because you chase money instead of pursuing your purpose?

What would happen if you committed to transforming your calling into a profitable and impactful business?

My challenge for you: Be brave. Follow your heart. Invest in yourself. Dream BIG. Make a HUGE impact.


Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

Founder, Positive Productivity

Dear friend, it’s important you know and trust I will ALWAYS be honest with you…  EVEN when it means admitting the messy, ugly truths of my own entrepreneurial journey… And I have a lot of messy, ugly truths.

For example, I, Kim Sutton, know what it’s like to…

  • Be inauthentic in my business because I am more concerned with what others thought than being true to myself
  • Focus on quantity instead of quality, offering services because I want money, NOT because I enjoy doing them;
  • Miss important family moments because I “need” one more minute to work;
  • Work 20 hour days, 7 days a week to find my bank account empty and my mental and physical health suffering;
  • Jump from one idea to the next never finishing a project and thus never making money from my ideas;
  • Fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome, buying courses, products and programs thinking they will success;

I, Kim Sutton, also know how to recover from the above pains. I know because I have personally experienced them!

I know the true cost of letting the expectations of others control our lives, and I don’t want to see you fall victim to the same negative side-effects of entrepreneurship I did.

So… Do you want to continue being a slave to unsatisfying expectations? Or are you ready to create joy and money pursuing your passion?

I’m committed to empowering you with the systems and strategies you need to help you embrace your true calling WITHOUT sacrificing revenue, your health, or time with loved ones.

I invite you to join me on the Work Smarter, Not Harder journey. Subscribe to the podcast, join the community and get ready to see your business and personal life change for the better. I wish you all my best, dear friend, and I can’t wait to see you soar while building a business that’s authentically YOU.












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Quitting the Blame Game

Quitting the Blame Game

Kim shares why quitting the blame game is critical along with a few examples from her business and personal life:




Are you sick of wearing a mask in your business, avoiding authenticity and your true calling for fear of missing out on opportunites and/or income?

And are you tired of being a broke, broken and burnt-out entrepreneur, longing to love each work day while also having more time for the people and activities you love?

If so, you can’t afford to miss this FREE challenge…

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Oh, how I want to be able to do this, fully and completely.⁠
While I am content with what I have, I want to rejoice in the way things are.⁠

But I am angry today at how things are.⁠
I don`t understand why this was the way.⁠
And I don`t understand why I deserve to be continually hurt.⁠

I want the whole world to belong to me so I can give the world to others.⁠
But I want others to stop using and manipulating me.⁠
I`m so freaking tired of being used and hurt.⁠
So freaking tired.

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Four weeks ago today I started a journey of healing and rediscovery. With a hurting heart, I realized I had much to learn about myself. I still do.⁠

This past week the acquaintance who was the catalyst of this journey asked me if I was mad at them. The honest answer is no, I`m not mad. I am highly disappointed and hurt, but not mad. ⁠

I choose to move forward without anger, and to learn from disappointments and ways people have intentionally hurt me.⁠

Yes, I say intentionally. ⁠

I have never met a person as selfish as the person I am talking about. I have never met a person with so little care or concern about the dreams of desires of others as this person, either. ⁠

While they would probably say they are "disciplined" and "focused," when you continually ask for things from others but never give back, that`s just disciplined arrogance and selfishness.⁠

In these past four weeks I`ve learned that my dreams, desires, goals, achievements, wins and fantasies deserve as much respect as the next persons. Yours do, too. And if a person doesn`t care enough about me to listen to mine, they do not deserve a place in my life.⁠

I`m an incredible person, and I deserve to be surrounded by people who care about me, not just about themnselves.

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Anyone want a hot dog?⁠
I keep having to tell her to move away from the heater...

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Closure doesn`t always look how you think it will.⁠
In my experience, it`s never looked anything like I expected it would.⁠

Sometimes it takes the form of a conversation with a pleasant goodbye at the end.⁠

Another time it may be filled with horrifying, explosive insults being screamed.⁠

Still other times, and I`m learning this now, subtle insults marked with an "lol" at the end signify a lack of respect I couldn`t see earlier, a lack I am no longer willing to tolerate.⁠

Closure looks different depending on where you are in your life. Don`t feel ashamed if how you get closure looks different than others.

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"For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers." ~ Proverbs 11:14⁠

It makes me sad seeing people who are so certain they are right about everything and anything that they fail to enlist outside support. ⁠

It makes me equally sad to hear of people who enlist support but aren`t honest with the therapists, coaches or counselors they hire.⁠

It doesn`t matter how many advisers you have if you lie to them.⁠
It doesn`t matter how many advisers you have if you lie to yourself.⁠

Victory IS won through many advisers, but it is the truth which sets you free (John 8:32).

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